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Every day, parents purchase toys for their children, most often trusting that the product was designed, manufactured, and sold with the safety of children in mind. However, similar to other products, many toys are created and sold with defects that have the ability to injure a child.

When a children’s toy is found to be defective, manufacturers and sellers are required to recall that product immediately. In some cases, these products are recalled before any injuries are reported and, in other cases, recalls occur far too late, and the faulty product has already seriously or fatally injured a child or children.

If your child sustained injuries due to a defective toy and you believe the manufacturer should be held liable for the damages, we urge you to get in contact with our Los Angeles child toy recall attorneys at Shoop | A Professional right away. We can work diligently to see that you and your family are compensated for the hardships and damages incurred as a direct result.

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What are Toy Recalls?

The recall of a toy is a request for consumers to return hazardous and faulty toys to the manufacturer. In most cases, recalls are an attempt to safeguard the public from injuries and the corporation from financial liability for any harm caused by the toy’s defects. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, a toy recall can be issued after reports of injury or safety-threatening incidents have occurred.

After the faulty toy is put on the market and sold to consumers, depending on the toy’s availability and the toy’s popularity amongst consumers, it has the ability to injure thousands of children. However, many manufacturers will delay a recall because this process is often costly. As a result, recalls are formed too late and many children suffer harm as a result of the delayed recall. This is why it is important for manufacturers to recall defective toys right away.

Can I Only Sue if the Product Was Recalled?

In some cases, a plaintiff will claim that the recall of the toy constitutes an admission that a defect, in fact, exists. However, the recall does not necessarily prove the product’s faultiness. For example, a product can be recalled if a defect is suspected but has not yet been indicated.

Before the plaintiff can recover compensation, he or she must prove that the toy was defective by design or manufacturing, and that defect directly caused the child’s injuries or death. In some cases, the recall is enough to serve as proof.

If a recall provides evidence that the toy’s defect existed when the toy left the manufacturing company, the recall can be considered as relevant proof when determining which damages should be paid to the victimized party. However, if the defect of that specific toy is not related to that recall, the recall, itself, may not be relevant when proving a manufacturer’s liability.

Our Los Angeles Toy Recall Attorneys Can Fight for Your Rights

If you believe your child was injured due to a defective product, do not hesitate to retain an experienced lawyer. Because many manufacturers often work with large insurance companies, it can be difficult for victims to recover the amount of compensation actually deserved. For this reason, hiring a skilled lawyer who is familiar with toy recall cases is of the utmost importance. When you choose to work with our legal team, you can rest easier knowing we will examine every detail in order to pursue maximum monetary compensation for you.

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