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Food Poisoning Litigation

Consult with a Los Angeles Product Liability Attorney

When a person goes to the store or restaurant, they expect to buy food that is safe and free of bacteria or mold. Unfortunately, bacteria such as E. coli or salmonella can find a way to creep into food preparation. This can happen due to poor handling or improper preparation procedures. When customers go to a restaurant, food poisoning can occur if a food handler fails to wash their hands before preparing food or if the food was originally contaminated from the supplier.

It can be difficult to lay blame on the cause of your food poisoning, but with the help of a Los Angeles product liability lawyer, you may be able to make a claim against the factory or restaurant that contributed to your illness.

Arguing for Your Legal Rights

More than 70 million cases of food poisoning are reported each year, according to the World Health Organization, and the numbers of hospitalizations and deaths are in the thousands. This is an unsettling thought for most. Bacteria is the leading cause of food poisoning, and there are many reasons why. Because not all bacteria is dangerous, sometimes mishandling can very well be to blame for food poisoning cases.

These are other common causes of food poisoning, including:

  • Food preparer has dirty hands or uses contaminated utensils
  • Food left out or kept at improper temperatures
  • Improperly washed food or utensils
  • Using tainted water for cleaning or food preparation
  • Negligence on the part of manufacturers during processing
  • Food suppliers failed to recall products

Bacteria can be found everywhere. It is in all food, utensils, food preparation work surfaces, and exists all over a person's home. However, without proper care or sanitation practices, bacteria can become out of hand and cause a slew of illnesses. Get in touch with our firm immediately to litigate against the responsible parties if you believe your sickness was due to consuming improperly handled food.

Have you suffered food poisoning?

Attorney David Shoop of Shoop | A Professional Law Corporation serves clients through aggressive prosecution of food poisoning lawsuits against suppliers of contaminated food. He diligently identifies the supplier of the food, calling on investigators as needed, and then relentlessly seeks compensation for his clients. Damages can include medical costs, hospitalization, loss of income and pain and suffering.

Call us today for top-notch legal assistance with your claim!