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Have You been Injured by Defective Industrial Equipment?

Seek Help from a Los Angeles Product Liability Lawyer

Industrial equipment such as work platforms, cranes, boom trucks, aerial lifts, tractors and steam shovels can cause serious injury to individuals when they malfunction. The cause of malfunction can be design defects, manufacturing defects or marketing defects. Establishing liability can be a complex matter requiring knowledge of industrial equipment as well as the law of the area.

Defects in Industrial Equipment

A defect in industrial equipment can be in its design. For instance a saw with no safety guard is sure to hurt someone at some point. That would be the fault of the designer. It may have been a fault in manufacturing. One particular saw leaving the factory may have poor wiring setting off a fire when it is put into use. The defect may be in marketing. The instruction may fail to warn that the saw causes splinters so goggles should be worn.

Theories of Liability

Liability may be based on breach of warranty. Where the manufacturer says in its literature that the equipment can do a particular function, then it must to reasonable production standards. Some warranties are implied by law. For instance it is implied by law that equipment will not blow up when used normally. Liability may also be based on a negligence theory. Here it is established that the manufacturer failed to use reasonable care in the production of the equipment. Proving negligence however is often hard for a customer to do so, courts hold that a manufacturer has strict liability for the damage its products cause.

Invaluable Legal Advice

Shoop | A Professional Law Corporation is a defective industrial equipment firm. Attorney David Shoop has the knowledge and resources to hold huge corporations accountable for the damage their equipment causes. His skill in court is known to industrial equipment company attorneys and enables him often to achieve a favorable settlement quickly. Contact our firm for help in your injury case!