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Fatal Defects

It is a sad commentary on manufacturers that many of the products that customers buy on the market today contain fatal defects. Customers die every year from vehicles, smoke alarms, household cleaning products and other products that are defective. Families of the victims are urged to contact a Los Angeles product liability lawyer to bring a wrongful death action to gain needed help to deal with their losses.

Fatal Defects

Here are some examples of fatal defects:

  • Asbestos: This used to be a standard building material used for insulation in buildings. Some older buildings still have it and some employers require that employers work there. The fibers in asbestos get into the lungs and cause fatal diseases that may set in 30 years after an employee has worked in a facility.
  • Rollover accidents: Some SUVs, trucks and other vehicles have been designed in a top heavy way that can result in rollover accidents. Defective tires can also lose their tread or blow out causing a vehicle to roll over and kill its occupants.
  • Smoke Detectors: A detector which does not go off when it is supposed to warn of fire can cause severe burns resulting in death.

Aggressive Attorney seeks Wrongful Death Damages

Families who have lost a member due to fatal defects in products will find aggressive advocacy of their claims at Shoop | A Professional Law Corporation, a product liability firm. Attorney David Shoop has the knowledge and experience to bring large corporations to account for their dangerous products.

He brings wrongful death actions to compensate the family. In these actions he seeks damages for loss of comfort and support as well as the cost of funeral and burial. Spouses of victims may also claim for loss of sexual relations and children for loss of training and guidance. Where the victim lived at least a little while after the accident, the firm additionally seeks damages in the name of the victim's estate for medical expenses, property losses, pain and suffering and in some instances punitive damages. Contact us today if you need help with your claim!