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Information On Strict Liability

A manufacturer is held responsible for the safety of his products. This is true when the manufacturer puts a product on the market which he knows will be used without the buyer examining for defects. It is particularly true when the buyer would have no way of inspecting. In these cases the manufacturer is liable even though he can show the utmost care in his manufacturing methods. Where a customer is damaged from the use of a product, he is urged to contact a Los Angeles product liability lawyer.

Strict Liability Claims

Common products for which a manufacturer is held strictly liable include:

  • Dangerous infant products: A toy must not have toxic paint or be capable of injury due to swallowing or other normal risks from child use.
  • Clothing: Clothes must meet certain standards of inflammability.
  • Automobiles: They must be safe from rollover accidents, explosion and other dangerous defects.
  • Food: They should not subject the buyer to food poisoning.
  • Cribs: A crib must be stable. Because of dangers there have been crib recalls.

Duty to Warn of Dangers
Some products have an inherent danger in them. Here the seller has a duty to warn of foreseeable risks and do so clearly and in a way that will come to the buyer's attention. Warnings that are vague or in fine print are not sufficient.

At Shoop | A Professional Law Corporation, relentless effort is made to bring manufacturers of shoddy products to account. When a client comes to the firm, the product is fully evaluated and the responsible manufacturer or product designer identified. Then the firm commences action to obtain full compensation for the client's injuries including medical expenses, hospital bills, loss of income and pain and suffering. Contact our firm right away for help in your case!