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Bumbo Baby Seat Product Recall

The product defect attorneys at Shoop | A Professional Law Corporation again remind consumers that baby seats have been recalled on the part of Bumbo International due to fall and associated injury hazards.

This product recall, instituted in conjunction with the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission ("CPSC"), involves a product which unnecessarily causes injury to children. In the past, the attorneys at Shoop | A Professional Law Corporation have blogged extensively regarding such injury producing products to children:

There are few product recalls that CPSC takes more seriously than those involving injury to children. Our firm has extensive experience with the Consumer Products Safety Commission, and has been called upon to assist the Commission in its investigations of manufacturers of defective products against whom the firm has instituted legal proceedings.

The Commission, as always, reminds consumers to cease using immediately any recalled products unless otherwise instructed. With regard to the recalled, Bumbo Baby Seats, of which there are approximately four (4) million units currently estimated to be in distribution within the continental United States, there was previously in effect (as of October 2007), a recall involving one to provide additional warnings against use on raised surfaces. The defect associated with these products concerns the potential for an infant to maneuver out of or "slip" from the Bumbo seat, posing a risk of serious personal injury. Manufacturer, Bumbo International Trust, of South Africa, and the CPSC are aware of at least fifty (50) such incidents after the October 2007 voluntary recall in which babies slipped and/or fell from a Bumbo seat while it was utilized on a raised surface. Nineteen (19) of those incidents included unfortunate reports of skull fractures.

CPSC and Bumbo are additionally apprised of aware of thirty-four (34) additional, post-recall incidents involving infants who fell out of, or otherwise maneuvered from a Bumbo seat used at an unknown elevation, resulting in injury. Multiple of these incidents involved reports of skull fractures.

Description: The bottom of the Bumbo seat is round and flat with a diameter of about 15 inches. It is constructed of a single piece of molded foam and comes in various colors. The seat has leg holes and the seat back wraps completely around the child. On the front of the seat in raised lettering is the word "Bumbo" with the image of an elephant on top. The bottom of the seat has the following words: "Manufactured by Bumbo South Africa." These units were sold by Sears, Target, Toys R Us (including Babies R Us), and Walmart, amongst various other retailers.

David Shoop and Don Liddy are experienced product defect lawyers and represent individuals nationally who have suffered injury as a result of defective products. If you or your child has suffered personal injury as a result of any use or interaction with a defective product (a product with a defective design, a product with manufacturing defects or defective warnings), you need experienced legal counsel with proven experience in product liability matters.

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