Replacing Smoke Detector Batteries Can Save Your Life, Your Property & Prevent Burn Injuries

The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) reminds consumers to replace ASAP the batteries in their smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms prior to this weekend in preparation for Daylight Saving Time. In 2012, Daylight Saving Time will commence on March 11 and CPSC reminds you that new batteries allow for smoke and carbon monoxide alarms to save lives by alerting families of a fire or a buildup of CO in their homes and businesses.


Roughly 2/3 of fire-related deaths occur in homes where there are no smoke alarms or no functioning alarm systems? It is so very important to replace your alarm's batteries at least once each year and to make sure you test these alarms on at least a monthly basis to ensure they are functioning appropriately. The U.S. CPSC recommends consumers have smoke alarms on each floor of their home and outside bedrooms and inside each bedroom.

CPSC estimates there was an annual average of 183 unintentional non-fire CO poisoning deaths associated with consumer products between 2006 and 2008. CO is called the "invisible killer," because it is a colorless, odorless and poisonous gas. Because of this, people may not know they are being poisoned. Carbon monoxide is produced by the incomplete burning of fuel in various products, including furnaces, portable generators, fireplaces, cars and charcoal grills. That is why it is important to have working CO alarms in the home, on each level and outside each sleeping area.


That deaths, injuries, and property damage from consumer products costs the nation more than $900 billion annually? The U.S. CPSC is absolutely committed to protecting consumers and families from products that pose a fire, electrical, chemical, or mechanical hazard.

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