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Hospira Recalls Symbiq Infusers

The product liability attorneys at Shoop | A Professional Law Corporation advise that on or about October 29 of 2012, manufacturer, Hospira, Inc., instituted a national, Class I product recall of its various Symbiq™ infusion systems. These various infusion systems are identified as follows, by list numbers:

  • 16026 Symbiq™ One-Channel Infuser
  • 16027 Symbiq™ Two-Channel Infuser

The product defect associated with these infusers and which brought about this voluntary, Class I product recall, involves the infusion pumps' LCD screens (which utilize touch screen LCD technology). These LCD touch screens on the various list numbered infusers identified above may not respond appropriately to input, resulting in a delay of responsiveness s of the infuser or, more often, the screen response registering a completely different value from that which was initially selected by the healthcare professional utilizing the infuser. These various failure modalities of the screen to respond appropriately to various inputs have the propensity to bring about delayed or otherwise interrupted therapy and/or inappropriate delivery of medication should the healthcare professional using the infuser confirms the incorrect values displayed on the infuser's "confirmation screen." prior to starting the infusion.

Hospira has stated that the company has notified healthcare facilities and providers which ordinarily use the Symbiq infusers that (according to device operating procedures), healthcare professionals utilizing the equipment must confirm that the correct program values have been selected and otherwise appear on the device's confirmation screens in advance of proceeding with the related infusion. Symbiq is designed with this confirmation screen to allow the clinician to double-check programming information prior to starting an infusion. Hospira further indicated that it had sent out additional Medical Device Correction notices as a reminder of these related issues with the LCD defect.

Lastly, Hospira stated that it has completed its investigation into field reports and has determined the root cause of these product defects to be software-related. Other contributing causes identified in the Hospira investigation implicate "damage" to the devices' connections, physical damage and other such related touch-screen deficits.

Shoop | A Professional Law Corporation continues to investigate issues involving the Hospira Symbiq™ infusion systems.

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