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Federal Safety Standards for Cribs

The product liability lawyers at Shoop | A Professional Law Corporation reiterate the deadline for hotels, child care businesses, motels, etc., to adhere and otherwise comply with with the new, federal crib standards.

There various federal crib standards for safety safety standards prohibit drop-side cribs; they call for the strengthening of slats on the crib and various supports for mattresses, and otherwise require heightened testing standards prior to their entering the stream of commerce.

Cribs furnished by these hotels, child care businesses, motels, etc., had until Dec. 28, 2012, to meet these new federal requirements and standards.

The Consumer Products Safety Commission ("CPSC") has published very useful information with regard to these new federal standards, above-discussed. Some of these materials can be found at and include the following:

  • Enforcement Guidance for Child Care Providers;
  • Child Care Facilities, Foster Care, Churches: Who is Covered by the Crib Rules;
  • Questions and Answers about the New Crib Standard.


Evacuation Cribs

These various cribs in hotels, child care businesses, motels, etc., must meet the federal safety standard requirements for both full and non-full size cribs. These new regulations neither offer any exemptions nor exceptions for various such "evacuation cribs," irrespective of their use.

Play Yards

These new federal crib standards, hover, do not apply to "play yards." CPSC recently heightened the safety standards for these various play yards, which will take effect this month (February 2013).

The attorneys at Shoop | A Professional Law Corporation have blogged extensively regarding such injury-producing products to children:

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