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Holiday Tips for Preventing Injuries from Defective Products

There is no greater feeling than watching a loved one open a gift you picked out for them, but the holiday season tends to see a spike in injuries caused by defective products. Although manufacturers and companies have a duty to ensure that all products are safe for its intended use, oftentimes consumers find themselves suffering injuries caused by wrongly designed and manufactured products. In this blog, our Los Angeles product liability attorney shares tips on how to prevent injuries from defective products this holiday season.

Keep Up with News of Recalls

Recalls can be hard to keep up with, but there are resources that update lists of recalls consumers should be aware of. Organizations such as the Consumer Product Safety Commission and the Food and Drug Administration are known for providing recall information.

Register Your Purchased Products

Even if you make it a point to frequently check recall websites, it can be a daunting and nearly impossible task to keep up with them all. When you purchase a new product, you can register it, which sends the manufacture notification of where they can find you, should your product be recalled in the future. By registering your product, you will be sent notification if it turns out that there is any danger in using the product.

Pay Attention to Warnings

Product labels are where you’ll find information on any hazards involving the product. Most consumers assume they understand that product’s hazards, so they ignore the labels and safety guidelines. Before using a new product, be sure to read through all guidelines and hazard warnings to ensure that you are using the product correctly and safely.

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