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Who to Hold Accountable in Products Liability

If you’ve been injured from a defective product and want to sue in order to receive compensation for your injuries, the first thing you’ll need to do is determine which parties and companies are liable. Once you determine liability, you’ll be able to name them as defendants in your claim.

Identifying everyone involved, however, can be a difficult task. From the moment the product was designed to when you purchased it in the store, a number of people played part in its production. To decipher who is responsible, you’ll have to look at the chain of distribution.


The manufacturer is the first party in the chain of distribution. Manufacturers can come in a number of forms, from a large multimillion dollar company to a small locally-owned company. If your defective product involves a manufacturing defect, you may be able to include all the engineers who performed quality-control checks. If your defective product involves a design defect, you’ll want to name any design consultants used by the manufacturer as a defendant.


While the store from which you purchased the defective product is not responsible for manufacturing it, they may be held accountable for selling you a defective product. It’s important to remember that you don’t have to be the product user to sue a retailer. If you sustained injuries from a defective product that someone else was using, you still have a right to fight for compensation.


After the product is manufactured and before it’s sold to the retailer, a number of wholesalers and suppliers are included in the chain of distribution of the defective product. Because of their involvement, they can be held liable and should be named as defendants in your claim.

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