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Types of Product Liability Claims Involving Pharmaceutical Drugs

If you were prescribed a pharmaceutical drug that caused injury, you may have a defective products claim. While claims involving pharmaceutical drugs are similar to most other defective product claims, these types of claims have a few key differences. In this blog, our Los Angeles product liability attorney explains the different types of claims pertaining to pharmaceutical drugs.

Defectively Manufactured Pharmaceutical Drugs

This type of claim specifically addresses drugs that, at some point in its manufacture, an error occurs and the drug becomes tainted. This type of error can take place at any time while the drug is being made, bottled, shipped, or labeled. In short, a defect in manufacture can occur at any point between the factory and the place where you picked up your prescription.

Dangerous Side Effects

Even if the drug was manufactured properly, there’s a chance that its side effects cause injury. Usually, these types of cases involve drugs that have been in the pharmaceutical market for an extended period of time before people began realizing its dangers. In these types of cases, the plaintiff may claim that the drug manufacturer not only knew of the danger, but continued to manufacture the drug and attempted to hide its dangerous side effects.

Improperly Marketed Pharmaceutical Drugs

Marketing refers to the drug’s warnings, instructions, and recommendation of using the drug. Claims that are filed due to improper marketing typically include drugs that failed to disclose accurate side effect warnings or instructions on how to take the drug. “Bad advice” from a doctor, pharmacist, or medical provider can also be considered improper marketing.

Dangerous drugs can cause serious medical complications. If you or a loved one has been injured by a pharmaceutical drug, you should not hesitate to contact our Los Angeles product liability attorney.

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