Samsung Recalls Galaxy Note 7 Smartphones

In one of the biggest global recalls of smartphones, Samsung is replacing millions of their Galaxy Note7 phones after reports of battery fires. The company has shipped more than 2 million units since the product’s launch in August, which has since then been halted. According to reports, there are several cases of the phone’s battery exploding while the device was charging.

Samsung service centers have logged an estimated 35 global cases of exploding batteries and the phone is being pulled from shelves in ten different countries, including South Korea and the United States. Individuals who have already purchased the phone will have the opportunity to switch their Note7 phones for new smart phones in about two weeks.

This is the largest battery recall in consumer electronics since 2007, when Nokia replaced more than 40 million phone batteries – at that time, Nokia was the industry leader in cellular devices. Samsung’s recall comes only two weeks after the company launched the smartphone. Since the recall’s initiation, it’s estimated that Samsung could lose an estimated $1 billion for replacing all 2.5 million of defective devices. Consumer Reports is calling for an official recall in partnership with the Consumer Product Safety Commission in an effort to make it illegal to resell any existing Note7 hardware already shipped to customers.

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