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Deadliest Summer Holidays for Drivers

Summer can feel like a carefree time, but it can be a dangerous time to be on the roads. A number of factors increase your risks on the road, including summer BBQs, teen drivers, and road trip traffic. Summer holidays can also lead to spikes in the number of accidents that happen, making the roads more perilous for drivers. Find out how to stay safe on the roads this summer.

Fourth of July

Right in the middle of our summer season, the Fourth of July is a holiday that drastically increases the number of drunk drivers on the roads. Wrecks involving alcohol jump nearly 50% from the surrounding days on this holiday. Nice weather and clear conditions can also contribute to the number of accidents that occur, since more people opt to travel when the weather is pleasant.

Memorial Day

At the start of summer, we celebrate our fallen service people with a long weekend. Because of the additional time off, many people take a trip out of town. Increased traffic and driving unfamiliar roads can increase the risk of an accident. Many people also drink during this holiday weekend, which can dramatically increase the number of intoxicated drivers on the road.

Labor Day

This long weekend tends to mark the end of summer, but it still is one of the more dangerous times to be on the road. Like Memorial Day weekend, Labor Day weekend encourages many people to leave town for the long weekend, increasing traffic on the highways. Alcohol can also play a factor in the risk of this holiday weekend.

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