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Defective Cochlear N5 Lawyers

The product liability lawyers at Shoop | A Professional Law Corporation continue to investigate and take on new matters involving the Cochlear Nucleus CI512 implant. No other law firm in the nation handles more defective, cochlear implant claims than we do. Let us put our product knowledge and experience to work for you to achieve maximum compensation for your injuries.

The Product

On September 16, 2011, Cochlear Americas, Inc., sent out what the company called an "URGENT MEDICAL DEVICE RECALL" letter to all customers implanted with the Nucleus CI512 device. This letter described the product, the associated defects with the implant and actions to be taken by the customers.

Essentially, a manufacturing defect during the brazing process of these N5 devices resulted in microcracks which, in turn, compromised the hermetic seal of these implantable devices. As a result, the moisture of the inner ear short circuited the diodes which power the units, resulting in device failure.

Once the device ceases to function properly, Cochlear will typically have an on-call audiologist perform an Integrity Test Report to determine if the device has been deemed a "hard failure." Devices with a confirmed, hard failure will need to be explanted and revised with a functioning device.

At this time, the company may approach you with a promise of minimal compensation for a replacement device or for out of pocket expenses in exchange for your signing a release which could affect your ability to recover in tort.

What You Should Do

If you have experienced a confirmed, hard failure of a Cochlear implant, it is very important not to sign any release with the company and to contact the experienced product liability lawyers at Shoop | A Professional Law Corporation for a free consultation to discuss your potential, claim, Leah all rights and next steps.


The product liability lawyers at Shoop | A Professional Law Corporation have decades of experience in handling product claims as well as claims involving recalled medical devices. During the course of our investigation and handling of these Cochlear N5 claims, we have discovered that numerous recipients of these failed devices have experienced both vestibular issues as well as painful shocking sensations as the device fails. We can help you.

Our law firm represents clients nationally and internationally with regard to these failed and defective cochlear implants. No other law firm has the breadth of experience that we do, and no other law firm handles more cochlear implant claims than we do - we will fight to ensure you receive maximum compensation for your loss.

If you or a loved one suffered a failure of a cochlear N5 implant, it is very important to contact our legal team immediately so that we may provide a FREE of cost case evaluation and initial discussion of your potential claim.

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