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How to Avoid Drunk Drivers on Fourth of July Weekend

Drivers face an increased risk over summer, especially around holidays. The rate of drunk drivers on the road tends to climb around holidays, which can put other drivers on the road at risk. Here’s what you can do to help you avoid drunk drivers.

Celebrate at Home

Holidays are a time to celebrate, but with the increased risk of drunk drivers, you may make your plans a little closer to home. If you have guests over, be sure to take the keys of anyone who seems intoxicated or make sure they have a safe ride home. It’s best if you plan for guests to spend the night if they aren’t fit to drive.

Avoid Driving at Night

The longer the evening wears on, the greater the chances of drunk drivers getting on the road. Many parties are ending late at night, and people may be getting behind the wheel after a day of drinking. Late at night, you will also be dealing with those who are leaving bars, clubs, or other events with alcohol. Darkness also can make driving more difficult, since it is harder to judge what is happening around you.

Be a Designated Driver

Being the designated driver, or DD, may not be the most fun, but you’ll play an important role in preventing drunk driving accidents. Carpool with friends and make a commitment to be the sober one. Your friends will have a way of getting home safely, and you can reduce the number of drunk drivers on the road.

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