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Advanced Bionics HiFocus™ 1j Electrode Failures


The cochlear implant litigation experts at Shoop | A Professional Law Corporation continue to take on new matters involving Advanced Bionic’s failed cochlear implants. No other law firm in the nation comes close to handling the volume of cochlear implant cases than we do – let us put our device and manufacturing knowledge to work for you if you, your child or a family member suffered a failure of a CI.

What We Do

As parents we all want the best for our children. Parents of children with hearing loss must make a life changing decision for their toddlers. Do we subject our child to cochlear implantation surgery with all the attendant risks of surgery? Will the implant work? Is the implant safe?

Subjecting you child to cochlear implantation surgery requires trust. Trust in the manufacturer that the device is not defective and will not break or fail after it’s implanted, as that would require your child to be subjected to another major surgery to remove and replace the defective product. When a device fails because of a preventable defect, the results are heartbreaking for parents and children. We support the use of cochlear implants, and we also support the patient’s and family’s right to receive an implant that is not defective. When a patient is the victim of a defective implant they have a legal right to recover financial compensation. Moreover, they also have the right to have the defective implant replaced without any financial obligation. The lawyers at SHOOP | APLC are here to help with a free consultation to discuss your legal rights and potential claim. Below is a list of the Advanced Bionics products that we are currently investigating:

Advanced Bionics HiRes 90k Failures

The Advanced Bionics Hires90k cochlear implant has been recalled on numerous occasions, one of the more recent of which occurred on November 23, 2010 and assigned Recall Number Z-0796-2011. Advanced Bionics forwarded a Press Release on or about November 23, 2010 to Business Wire News Trak and Advanced Bionics also sent patient letters by way of FedEx beginning Monday November 29th to approximately ten thousand (10,000) patients. The notifications discussed the reasons for the recall, the products affected by the recall and additionally the potential hazards associated with the implant.

Advanced Bionics Clarion 1.2 Failures

Advanced Bionics has previously issued a voluntary product recall with regard to its CLARION 1.2 devices, recalling all such un-implanted CLARION and HiResolution cochlear implants due to the presence of moisture in the internal circuitry, which can cause the device to stop functioning.

Some of the affected Clarion models identified by Advanced Bionics are as follows:

  • AB-5100L
  • AB-5100R
  • AB-5100ML/R (For Export Only)
  • AB-5100H
  • AB-5100H-01A

Advanced Bionics HiFocus™ 1j Electrode Failures

During the course of our investigation we have determined that some of these implants contained broken electrode wires near the implant’s IE ring as well as near its electrode array and, further, that electrode impedance values indicated open circuits due to electrode damage. Microscopic analysis of these electrodes in affected devices revealed fatigue fractures near the IE ring as well as a fatigue fractures near the electrode array.

If you or a loved one suffered a failure of an Advanced Bionics cochlear implant, it is very important to contact our legal team immediately so that we may provide a FREE of cost case evaluation and initial discussion of your potential case.

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