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Can a Defective Cochlear Implant Permanently Damage Hearing?

Cochlear implants have brought sound to those who were unable to hear. For most who have the surgery, they can enjoy the benefits such as being able to hear their loved ones again or watch TV without closed captions. However, as with any mechanical device, sometimes things can go wrong. When it comes to cochlear implants malfunctioning, the risks can be life-altering.

What Is Cochlear Implant Surgery?

During cochlear implant surgery, the device is surgically put into the cochlea which is the spiral-shaped bone in the inner ear. There is both an internal and external component to a cochlear implant with the external component having a microphone that receives the sound waves and sends them to a transmitter. The internal component consists of a receiver, which takes the sound waves from the transmitter and sends them to electrodes that have been implanted in the cochlea. This stimulates the cochlear nerve and sends the signals to the brain.

What Happens if Something Goes Wrong After Surgery?

While there are many benefits to getting a cochlear implant, patients need to be prepared for potential hazards of the surgery or after the surgery takes place.

After surgery, patients need to be on the lookout for conditions including:

  • Bleeding;
  • Ringing in the ear;
  • Infection at the surgery site;
  • Balance issues, and,
  • Meningitis.

Also, if a patient receives a defective device, there could be even more severe consequences including permanent hearing loss. According to a study by NBC News, one man who received a defective device had irreversible damage to his hearing due to being given a defective device that held in too much moisture.

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