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Industrial Machinery Accidents FAQ

Los Angeles Harbor Industrial Machinery Accident Lawyer

Below are certain questions that we are often asked about industrial machinery accidents. The answers are for general information and are not legal advice.

For any further questions, please feel free to contact a Los Angeles industrial machinery accident attorney.

When can I sue a manufacturer for injuries from a piece of equipment?

You may make a claim against a manufacturer when there is defect in the equipment that harms you. The defect may be in the design of the equipment such as a drill press with a missing safety guard. It may also be in the manufacturing of the equipment such as a forklift that rolls over despite careful handling.

The defect may be in marketing where there is a failure to warn of dangers in the use of the equipment. An example would be crane accident where there was no warning against lifting all the way to the top.

Can an employer be sued for injuries other than through Workers' Compensation?

You are limited to your Workers' Comp claim where the employer is merely negligent or innocent of wrongdoing. However if the employer is guilty of intentional misconduct such as removing safety features from machines you may sue them for full compensation in the civil courts.

What compensation is available if a family member dies on the job?

Where liability can be established against a manufacturer of defective machinery or a subcontractor on the site other than your employer, an action for Wrongful Death may be maintained in the courts. There the family may sue for loss of comfort and support and the cost of funeral and burial.

Another suit for the estate may also be made if the decedent survived at least a little while after the accident. In that legal action filed, medical expenses, property damage and pain and suffering may be sought. In addition to these civil actions, the family may also seek a Workers' Comp death benefit regardless of fault.

If you have other questions or need help, do not hesitate to contact Shoop Law, an industrial machinery accident firm serving Los Angeles. Contact a Los Angeles Harbor Industrial Machinery Accident Lawyer at the firm for answers to your questions.

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