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Injured Due to Lack of Training?

Failure to Train or Warn

Cranes, forklifts, and tractors other industrial machinery can be dangerous. Companies hiring workers to operate this equipment have a duty to train their employees in their safe use. Where they fail they are liable to injured persons. If you have been injured due to an employee's unsafe use of equipment, you are urged to contact an industrial machinery accident lawyer.

Failure to Train in the Operation of a Crane

A crane is the most prominent piece of industrial equipment at a construction site. Crane accidents can occur when the crane is in the hands of poorly trained operator.

The operator may harm others when he has not been trained in the following safety points:

  • Just because the crane has a safety overload protection does not mean the operator can ignore concerns about overload. The crane may be able to take the load but the structure it is sitting on cannot. A rope hoist may not be able to handle the load either and drop it.
  • The operator should not pull items from the next bay over. Cranes and hoists are designed to lift vertically. Pulling from the side can cause extra stress on the rope which can mean trouble.
  • It is dangerous to lift the load all the way to the upper limit switch. The switch may fail with the hook assembly coming up and hitting the drum. If this happens the load may fall.

At Shoop | A Professional Law Corporation, we diligently prosecute cases for clients harmed by untrained industrial machinery workers. Our firm's purpose is that the client may receive all the medical care needed to fully recover and resume normal life.

Failure to Warn

A manufacturer is strictly liable for defects in its products. While most are familiar with design flaws such as conveyor belts with missing safety guards or manufacturing defects such as a lathe with a faulty shut off switch, few are aware that a manufacturer is also responsible for a failure to warn of risks.

For instance, a power saw should have a sign saying to wear goggles. Failure to post this warning on the machine would be a marketing defect. Warnings are everywhere if a person takes time to notice.

It is estimated that a person in the normal course of living sees 20 warnings within a three hour period. Where a manufacturer fails to warn of dangers in the use of a crane or forklift and injury results, the manufacturer is responsible.

Individuals seeking compensation for industrial machinery accidents are urged to contact an industrial machinery accident attorney in Los Angeles.

Industrial Machinery Accident Lawyer in Los Angeles

Our firm provides vigorous representation to clients seeking compensation for industrial machinery accidents in the Los Angeles area.

After an accident involving failure to train or warn, our firm will do the following for the victim or victim's family:

  • Where there has been a machinery accident involving a client, we diligently investigate for the cause of the accident.
  • We consult the client's physician to learn what care the client will need in the future.
  • We checks for design, manufacturing and marketing defects.
  • We thoroughly review all promotion and signs on the equipment to determine failures to warn.
  • We bring suit to obtain damages for medical bills, ambulance costs, hospitalization, rehabilitation expenses, and pain and suffering.
  • Where the victim died in the accident, we seek wrongful death compensation on behalf of the family.

It is not enough for a warning to be buried in the fine print of a handbook. It must be stated clearly and prominently so that a user would be likely to read what it says. Where the manufacturer fails in its duty to warn, our attorneys bring a lawsuit for damages.

Contact a Los Angeles Industrial Machinery Accident Attorney at the firm for energetic representation of claims for failure to warn of industrial machinery dangers.

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