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Don Liddy takes cases on an of-counsel basis. He fights for the victims of corporate negligence. Mr. Liddy has tried over 60 personal injury cases in the last 20 years, working across a variety of jurisdictions. He has obtained jury verdicts in wrongful death, brain injury, and other serious injury cases.

Mr. Liddy has been honored with selection to Super Lawyers®, which identifies high-performing lawyers through peer nominations and a variety of professional evaluations.

Don Liddy has obtained multi-million-dollar verdicts and settlements for his clients:

  • Wrongful death against the State of California involving a dangerous road. Caltrans refused to fix a road, and as a result, a young driver was caught in a fatal accident. A Victorville jury awarded $7,000,000 in damages to the parents. Immediately after the verdict, Caltrans began work on the dangerous section of road.
  • Catastrophic injury against the State of California involving roadwork. A young man suffered a traumatic brain injury due to the negligence of both Caltrans and a contracted construction company. After the state’s insurance refused a policy limits demand, the victim filed suit. The eventual jury verdict was in the man’s favor and awarded him $10,000,000—5 times the insurer’s policy limit.
  • Catastrophic injury after a family car crash. The County of Palmdale and a negligent corporation were at fault in a bad accident that injured a family driving home from church. After years of argument and denials of liability, the case settled for over $13,000,000 during the trial.
  • Wrongful death against the owner of an apartment complex involving staff. The owner of a large apartment building hired a convicted rapist to perform maintenance. The man abducted and killed a young woman tenant and was found with her jewelry. In pre-trial negotiations, the defense refused to offer a settlement; a jury awarded $12,000,000 to the family for their loss.
  • Wrongful death against car rental company involving recalled auto. The nation's largest car rental company gave 2 college students a vehicle that had been recalled. The car caught fire while they were in it, resulting in their deaths. The rental company denied fault for 4 years, as the case was passed between multiple jurisdictions, but ended up paying $15,000,000 to the victims’ survivors.
  • Personal injury against a trucking company. A retired Marine was injured by a negligent trucking company. Though the defendants denied liability and refused to settle, a San Pedro jury awarded the victim over $1,000,000.
  • Wrongful death in a fatal car accident. A 90-year-old grandfather was killed by a negligent driver, but the at-fault party’s insurance waited until the eve of the trial to make a settlement offer. The plaintiffs rejected the offer and were awarded more than 5 times the original amount by a jury. They received $1,300,000.
  • Personal injury after a family was hurt in car accident. A Simi Valley jury awarded $1,500,000 to a family injured in a crash after the insurance company refused to pay.

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When he’s not in court, Don enjoys coaching his children's football and soccer teams. He likes hiking, reading and spending time with his wife and their three children.