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Los Angeles Catastrophic Burn Injury Lawyer

Helping You Pursue Compensation For Injuries undefined

Catastrophic injuries can occur suddenly and leave victims facing lifelong injuries and complications, including years of rehabilitation, expensive medical bills, and loss of independence.

In most cases, it is not just the victim who is permanently affected but also family members who need to learn to live with and help the individual who is permanently incapacitated to some degree.

At Shoop | A Professional Law Corporation, we understand that any major injury or accident can be very serious. If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in a fire, explosion, or chemical accident that caused catastrophic burns, you need to consult our Los Angeles product liability attorneys as soon as possible.

Common Injuries Caused by Severe Burns

Victims of serious burn injuries can suffer some of the most painful injuries imaginable. Our compassionate and understanding Los Angeles catastrophic burn injury attorneys know that victims of burn injuries will often have to live the rest of their lives with permanent scars or even physical debilitations. Oftentimes, victims will suffer a lifetime of emotional and psychological traumas, some of which could be irreversible.

For most catastrophic injury victims, the following complications may occur:

  • Paralysis
  • Skin or tissue grafts
  • Quadriplegia
  • Paraplegia
  • Brain damage
  • Lung damage
  • Muscle damage

Of course, no two cases are the same, but a vast majority of victims require long-term or lifelong medical assistance. Additionally, victims often lose their ability to live independently, and many are unable to continue earning an income. If you have been seriously injured, or if a loved one was killed as a result of a burn-related injury, you need to retain our Los Angeles catastrophic burn injury team at Shoop | A Professional Law Corporation today.

Proven Burn Injury Case Success: $3,500,000 Reward for Our Client

Helping Burn Injury Victims Seek the Justice They Deserve

Burn injury survivors often have to endure some of the most debilitating and life-altering injuries imaginable. Not only must burn victims deal with excruciating pain and possible disfigurement, but also the severe psychological and emotional damage associated with such injuries.

In many cases, the emotional scars of a burn injury can run just as deep ― or deeper ― than the physical ones. Moreover, a catastrophic burn injury can lead to years of medical treatment, skin grafts and seemingly impossible medical debt.

While you may be overwhelmed right now, it is important to remember that there may be legal options available to help cover your medical expenses and lost wages. Let the burn injury attorneys in Los Angeles at Shoop | A Professional Law Corporation help you put your life back together following a serious burn injury. We understand all too well the struggles you may face as you attempt to move forward after enduring such a catastrophic event.


While there are many things that set us apart from other burn injury law firms, our experience is probably the most important. In fact, our lawyers have been handling fire cases in California and throughout the United States for over a decade. No matter the circumstances of your case, we will assemble a team of nationally recognized experts to ensure a full and thorough fire scene analysis is completed, which is essential if you wish to maximize your recovery.

Not only have we investigated and processed countless fire scenes, but attorney David Shoop is also a member of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Research Group ― a distinction very few lawyers share. He has even prepared lecture for attorneys and other law firms regarding NFPA 921 standards, which is a set of guidelines used for the analysis and investigation of fire scenes and explosions.

Simply put, we have a level of experience few firms can match, and we will put this experience to work for you to help ensure you receive the maximum compensation to cover your medical expenses and other losses. Our knowledge and experience has helped several burn victims receive substantial verdicts and settlements, including one recovery of $3.5 million.


According to the most recent statistics reported by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), there were nearly 1.3 million reported fires in the U.S. during 2014 alone ― meaning a fire department had to respond to a fire every 24 seconds.

Sadly, while these numbers are certainly tragic, they are not surprising, especially when you consider that we are constantly surrounded by a great many fire hazards, both at home and at work. With diligence and proper education, however, you can help identify these risks and reduce the likelihood of fires and their resulting injuries.

causes of burns

  • Defective or poorly maintained furnaces/heating units: You should always make sure that your heating system is properly serviced on a regular basis. In addition, be very careful when using electrical or oil-filled space heaters, especially since many of these products have been found to be defective, and therefore a significant fire risk.
  • Faulty wiring: Whether your electrical system has a faulty component or your electrician incorrectly wired your lights and outlets, electrical issues are a major cause of fires both in residential and commercial buildings.
  • Cooking: The kitchen is one of the most common places where fires break out in the home. In fact, a fire can easily occur when you leave something on the stove unattended, even if you are only gone for a second. In addition, defective kitchen appliances have also been known to contribute to otherwise preventable fires.
  • Candles: Just like when you are cooking, you should never leave a candle unattended. Whenever you leave the room, you should always blow out any lit candles.
  • Smoking: How many times have we heard stories about a building burning down after someone fell asleep with a lit cigarette? What is most frustrating about this particular fire hazard is that these fires still occur despite the fact that they are so easy to prevent.
  • Flammable liquids: Whether you are at work or home, you may be surprised by just how many flammable liquids are around, including paints, fuels, solvents and cleaning agents, just to name a few. While a fire is likely when these liquids get near an open flame, an explosion is also possible.
  • Christmas trees: Every holiday season, countless trees are set ablaze by defective and/or extremely hot Christmas lights. To prevent these fires, you should make sure your tree is properly watered and always turn the lights off if you are not going to be around.

Where Do Most Burn Injuries Occur?

According to the 2016 Fire in the United States report issued by the U.S. Fire Administration — part of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) ― an alarming 78 percent of all fire-related injuries occur in the home. This is just one of many surprising statistics related to burn injuries.


If your burn injury is serious, you need immediate medical attention. In fact, if the burn is severe enough ― such as a bad thermal burn or a third-degree burn ― you may require extensive skin grafting and years of medical treatment.

Fortunately, help may be available in the form of a legal claim. Depending on the circumstances, you may be able to seek compensation to cover your medical bills, lost wages and other losses, particularly if the fire was caused by a defective product or someone's negligent and/or malicious acts. To learn what legal options may be available, you need to talk to an experienced burn injury lawyer right away.


The costs associated with a severe burn injury are steep — both financially and emotionally. Not only must you deal with extensive and costly medical treatment, but the emotional toll of a burn injury can often be difficult for many to bear.

If you or a loved one has suffered a catastrophic injury in a fire, it is crucial to hire a law firm that specializes in these matters as demonstrated above. Contact us today for your FREE initial consultation. You can reach us online or by phone at (310) 620-9533. From our main office in Beverly Hills, we help burn injury victims throughout Los Angeles and nationwide.

Schedule a free initial consultation with our Burn injury lawyers in Los Angeles today.

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Catastophic Burn Injuries FAQ

When you work with Shoop | A Professional Law Corporation, we can thoroughly review your entire case and ensure that your rights as a victim are protected. We understand that this time in your life can be difficult, but with the guidance of our legal team, you may be able to achieve the results that you desire. For more information on your rights or your eligibility to file a legal claim, contact Shoop | A Professional Law Corporation.

If you or a loved one has suffered a catastrophic burn injury, you may wonder if there are any legal options available, particularly if a defective or dangerous product is to blame for the injury. Before you retain a lawyer or law firm to represent your interests, however, it is important to ask the following questions:

How Many Fire Scenes Has The Attorney Or Law Firm Processed?

The burn injury lawyers at SHOOP | A PROFESSIONAL LAW CORPORATION have processed countless fire scenes over the past decade, ranging from multimillion-dollar commercial property damage cases to multiple-fatality residential fires. We have experience in all manner of structural fires, and we are experienced professionals in partnering with fire departments and our retained experts with regard to complicated forensic issues and cause and origin analysis.

What Experts Do They Use?

Fire scenes are dynamic scenes, meaning that critical evidentiary items can be displaced or hidden during firefighting activities. This is one reason why it is so important to process the scene as soon as possible and assemble a team of qualified engineering experts and cause/origin experts. An attorney who is not experienced in dealing with and processing fire scenes will likely not know which experts to bring in and something will be missed ― which could significantly affect your recovery for your burn-related injuries.

Is The Attorney Experienced In Fire Scene-Related Evidentiary Issues?

Attorney David Shoop is a member of the National Fire Protection Association's (NFPA) Research Section and has fought numerous court battles over the years regarding proper evidentiary and scientific methodology in fire cases. He has processed countless fire scenes and has represented many burn injury victims over the past decade. In addition, he has prepared numerous lectures with regard to NFPA 921 standards, which are standards for science-based forensic analysis and investigation of fire scenes and explosions.

Often, judges themselves need to be educated with regard to NFPA 921 standards application and scientific and forensic issues regarding fire investigation and cause and origin determination.

Do not make the mistake of trusting your case to a law firm that has little experience in fire and burn injury investigation. Go with the law firm that possesses superior experience, superior knowledge and a history of successful results ― go with SHOOP | A PROFESSIONAL LAW CORPORATION.

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