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Industrial Accidents

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Los Angeles Industrial Machinery Accident Lawyers

Injured in an industrial accident in California?

Those who work with heavy equipment and industrial machinery must often deal with workplaces and equipment which are not in conformity with current Federal and State OSHA requirements. The attorneys at Shoop | A Professional Law Corporation are OSHA experts and handle industrial worksite and machine accident cases in California and on a national level.

When an injury occurs, it can be extremely serious, resulting in a lifetime of challenges and difficulties for the innocent worker. If you or a loved one has suffered a serious injury and industrial machinery was involved, it is crucial that you get an experienced industrial machinery accident lawyer from Shoop | A Professional Law Corporation to help you fight for the compensation you deserve.

As the injuries and other damages can be so extreme, it is likely that you will need extensive medical treatment and rehabilitation, and it is vital that you have access to finances to ensure you get top quality medical care and the most recent and modern treatments to assist in your recovery.

If you have been involved in an industrial machinery accident, you are urged to contact a Los Angeles industrial accident attorney.

Compensation for Damages in Industrial Machinery Accidents

Industrial Machinery Defects

Defects come in several forms. Where you are harmed by a saw functioning just as intended but the design is dangerous, it is a design flaw. Where the saw is not wired properly and shorts causing a fire, the defect is unintentional and therefore a manufacturing defect. Where the manufacturer fails to warn not to put one's hands in a particular place or to wear goggles, it is a marketing defect.

In the state of California, a manufacturer has strict liability for defects in products. This means that a person hurt by an equipment defect may file a claim without proving that the manufacturer was negligent.

The manufacturer may also have liability to the buyer for breach of warranty when its machinery fails to perform to reasonable standards when its promotion promotes that it is fit for that particular purpose.

Los Angeles Industrial Machinery Accident Attorney

The documentation of the case should be carefully managed from the outset. We advise any person who has suffered injury in an industrial machinery accident to contact our firm at once. Many such accidents are the result of poor maintenance, faulty equipment or other serious situation.

The claim filed on your behalf will go beyond the restrictions of Workers' Comp in many cases, as the third party, such as an equipment manufacturer, maintenance company or other entity may have liability and could be named in the lawsuit or claim filed on your behalf.

At Shoop | A Professional Law Corporation, we represent clients who have been harmed by defective industrial machinery in the Los Angeles area. We thoroughly investigate the accident to determine the cause and maintain claims for full compensation against the designer or manufacturer of the equipment.

Contact Shoop | A Professional Corporationfor zealous prosecution of your claim.

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