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If you have suffered injury or experienced dissatisfaction or feel mislead with regard to use or representations with regard to the FasciaBlaster® product, please contact us for a free consultation. The FasciaBlaster® is a product designed and manufactured by Ashley Black (ADBIH, Inc). According to the company’s website “it is the ONLY tool on the market that opens the fascia at the deeper layers and breaks up fascial adhesions.”

Moreover, the company advertises that the FasciaBlaster® causes skin looks more vibrant and improves appearance. More specifically, the company advertises that the FasciaBlaster®:

  • Breaks up scar tissue
  • Breaks through fascial adhesions
  • Improves muscle definition
  • Allows the body to take a more natural form
  • Enhances beauty
  • Eliminates virtually all cellulite
  • Brings about “life-changing” transformation
  • Improves Fascial Composition; and
  • Improves nerve activity, amongst other claims.

With respect to scientific data or studies to support the FasciaBlaster claims, there appears to be no such no published data with the actual product, and no such data was previously identified to substantiate the specific claims described above and in particular, the company’s additional claims related to pain relief, improvement in flexibility and/or joint function, muscle growth, nerve function, etc.

Similarly, there appears to be no published peer review or scientific data to support massage or FasciaBlaster’s claimed benefits. As noted on the FasciaBlaster® website, the claims are currently based on anecdotal evidence and it is important to note that anecdotal evidence and/or consumer testimonials do not meet the standard of “competent and reliable scientific evidence.”

Apparently, a FasciaBlaster device independent study was conducted in Tampa, Florida at the Applied Science and Performance Institute (ASPI). During a 90-day study, 35 subjects (with one dropout, 34 subjects), followed an at-home “FasciaBlasting program”, where no diet or exercise was recommended to subjects. The primary endpoint of the study was to show direct results of the FasciaBlaster on the reduction of cellulite, investigated by controlled photographic assessments of each subject taken at baseline (Day 0), and Day 90. The company also claims to have identified additional benefits of the FasciaBlaster including an initial increase in resting metabolic rate (RMR), decrease in subcutaneous fat, and reduction in inflammation. They posted a video, in June of 2017, explaining the study findings and theories. No published results of this study were identified, there was no control group, and the results were demonstrated only in a small group of users.

The product liability and class action lawyers at Shoop | A Professional Law Corporation represent consumers nationally who have suffered catastrophic injury as a result of use or interaction with defective or recalled products and have investigated countless cases of product defect. Our office is currently investigating allegations of false and misleading advertisements that FasciaBlaster has made to consumers in order to sell their product.

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