55” Panasonic TV Recalled for Tip-Over Hazard

Panasonic Recalls 55” Flat-Screen TVs That May Come Loose from Stands

Our product liability attorneys from Shoop | A Professional Law Corporation are currently looking into a recent Panasonic 55-inch flat-screen TV recall. If you have been hurt by the Panasonic TV recalled for tip-over hazards, or any other defective television, contact us immediately to see if you can file a claim for compensation.

Panasonic Television Recalled for Tip-Over Hazards

A Panasonic 55” flat-screen television set has been recalled by Panasonic, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has announced on January 19th, 2018. Mounting screws that attach the heavy screen to a swiveling tabletop stand may come loose without warning, often with only small adjustments to the screen. If someone bumps into the television or a child attempts to climb it or nearby furniture after the screws come loose, it could tip-over, causing serious injury or death.

Description of the recalled Panasonic 55-inch television:

  • Black with Panasonic printed on front
  • Model # TH055LRU50
  • ~750 units sold in America, mostly to schools

Panasonic is urging consumers to remove the television from the swivel stand and store it in a place well away from children who may still tip it over. 55” flat-screen televisions often weigh around 30 pounds or more, which could cause severe injury if it were to fall on someone or a child. After the television is removed, owners should call Panasonic at 855 – 772 – 8324 during regular business hours to request a complimentary repair kit to correct the issue with the loose screws.

(For more information, you can click here to visit the CPSC website page regarding this recall.)

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