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Why Was Ozurdex Recalled?

Ozurdex is an injectable implant for the eye. It rose in popularity after being approved to treat a wide variety of ocular conditions in 2014. However, the implant was subject to a product recall in 2018 after a silicone particulate contaminant was found in the implants.

Learn more about the consequences of this product recall and what you can do if you are one of the affected patients.

How Can Ozurdex Harm Patients?

Several batches of Ozurdex were recalled in December 2018 after silicone particulates approximately 300 microns in diameter were observed in the implants. It was determined that these contaminants originated from the needle sleeve used to inject the implant into patients’ eyes.

Patients who received a defective Ozurdex implant experienced the following side effects of differing severity:

  • Cataract formation
  • Steroid-induced glaucoma
  • Increased intraocular pressure
  • Migration of the implant into the anterior chamber of the eye

There is also a risk of a more serious injury if the defective implant migrates to another part of the eye. This may lead to the following complications:

  • Damage to the corneal endothelium
  • Corneal edema (swelling)
  • Permanent corneal decompensation

If you have received a defective Ozurdex implant, you may experience warning signs within six weeks after receiving it, including the following:

  • Blurry or double vision
  • Blind spots
  • Glare or “halos” around lights
  • Eye sensitivity or pain

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