a shut-off switch on a grate

How to Make Shut-Off Switches Easily Accessible

Emergency shut-off switches may be the last line of defense to prevent a catastrophic work accident or even death. It is vital that these important components of any job site be easily accessible for workers. We discuss how manufacturers, designers, distributors, sellers, and employers can ensure this is the case below.

How Employers Can Ensure a Clear Workspace

Any workplace, particularly those in the industrial sector, should have clear passageways and thoroughfares in the event of an emergency, such as a fire or a natural disaster. Additionally, clear thoroughfares may prove vital in preventing a machinery accident by providing clear and easy access to emergency shut-off switches.

There are several ways employers can ensure a clear work environment, including:

  • Designate certain areas of a job site as thoroughfares for foot and vehicle traffic, and enforce a strong policy of keeping these thoroughfares clear of any other obstructions.
  • Provide large, fluorescent signage indicating the path to an emergency shut-off switch, as well as signage right above the shut-off switch.
  • Make the shut-off switch easily identifiable, such as by making it a larger size and a different color than other buttons. Additionally, have a clear label next to the shut-off switch so workers can identify it as quickly as possible.
  • Train all workers on how to get to the emergency shut-off switch as quickly as possible from many different areas of the job site.

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Emergency shut-off switches can save workers’ lives. It is vital that they be easily accessible and that workers know how to use them. Unfortunately, this does not always happen and workers suffer the consequences.

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