How Has The Cochlear Implant Changed Over Time?

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Cochlear implants are medical devices that are surgically placed behind someone's ear to aid severe hearing loss. These implants have given those in need a new way of life, but it wasn't always so easy. Over time, cochlear implants have evolved into what they are today – some even have Bluetooth connection capabilities.

History of the Cochlear Implant

The first known attempt to put electricity to the ear to aid hearing loss was in pre-modern times. Around 1970, a man named Alessandro Volta put metal rods in his ears and then connected them to a 50-volt circuit. A few decades later, another attempt was made to stimulate the ear through various experiments and electrical treatments electronically.

During the silver age the scientific community learned more about how the cochlea works during the depression years of 1930. Researchers not only discovered that putting a current near the ear can create auditory sensations, but they also found out that electrical energy can be transformed into sound before reaching the inner ear. Studies continued throughout the years, and in the '60s, the devices took another significant step when researchers learned more about the positioning of electrodes and the results of the position, bringing us to modern-day cochlear implant technology.

With continued research and a more comprehensive range of patients open to receiving the devices, cochlear implants took their last significant leap forward, resulting in a stamp of FDA approval for implantation in adults.

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Although cochlear implants are an excellent invention for those with hearing impairments, they are still subject to malfunction or failure. If you or someone you know has sustained an injury from their cochlear implant device, seek medical attention as soon as possible. You may be entitled to financial compensation, so it's also crucial to consider contacting a skilled attorney.

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