Can a Cochlear Implant Impact My Ability to Get Medical Exams?

Can a Cochlear Implant Impact My Ability to Get Medical Exams?

Before getting a Cochlear device implanted, it’s important to consult with your healthcare provider and become aware of the risk associated with medical examinations post-op. Many medical imaging processes include using strong magnetic fields and radio waves to create the images. After having the cochlear implant placed, the patient will receive an implant card regarding the implant and medical exam safety. Each type of cochlear implant has specific recommendations for undergoing medical examinations. It’s the responsibility of the MR technicians and healthcare providers to follow the implants manufacturer’s recommendations and instructions.

How to Know If it’s Safe to Undergo a Medical Examination After Getting a Cochlear Implant?

There are two different types of rating for medical examination safety, unsafe and conditional. When rated unsafe, the patient with that type of implant should not undergo medical examination while the device is still implanted. The patient can undergo a medical exam with conditional terms when rated conditional. Sometimes newer versions of Cochlear implants may require the magnet inside the device to be removed surgically before the medical exam. To better understand the requirements for your device, it’s essential to know the brand and model of your cochlear implant. Your implant card is also a great resource to help you get familiar with your cochlear device. Always carry the card with you, and if you need to undergo any medical examination, tell your healthcare provider and MR technologists about your implant and share the information provided on the card with them.

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