The History of the Cochlear Implant Recall

The first Cochlear implant was implanted in 1961 by William House and John Doyle out of Los Angeles, California. Nearly 50 years later, we have seen these medical implants hit a reasonably high trajectory as almost 219,000 patients worldwide have had successful Cochlear implants. With any piece of technology, as it advances, it's expected to have a defect of some sort. Although cochlear implants are proven to be reliable devices, it's doubtful to have no shown defects in them at all.

Cochlear Implant Recalls

When a recall occurs, the manufacturer decides to stop the production of an implant and have all unimplanted devices returned. Any devices that have already been implanted are not affected by the recall at all. However, given that the implanted device fails, it may face the risk of being removed and replaced. Every month, the FDA receives over 100 reports of defective Cochlear implants. Not always are they for issues with the hardware itself, but sometimes they are in medical nature.

After the recall on a Cochlear device has been instated, the manufacturer then has to determine the cause of the device's failure. They will then resolve the issue and ensure that failure will not occur again in the new materials and manufacturing process. The FDA is required to thoroughly examine and approve the once defective Cochlear device before allowing the company to resume production and shipment.

If your cochlear implant has been recalled, do not worry. The best thing to do would be to contact your healthcare provider and discuss any questions or concerns you may have with the recall. They will reassure you and give you advice on your next steps. Also, it may be an option for you to contact an experienced attorney. This will help you understand any liability or compensation that you may be owed.

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