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Smoke Alarm Recall: Interlogix Smoke Alarms

The product liability lawyers at Shoop | A Professional Law Corporation again warn consumers of a recent, voluntary product recall involving Interlogix Smoke Alarms. This recall on behalf of Interlogix is occurring in cooperation and in conjunction with the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission. Consumers should bear in mind that they should cease the use of these products immediately and note that it is a violation of federal law to sell or otherwise attempt to re-sell a recalled, consumer product.

The date of recall was August 13, 2014 and for identification purposes, this particular product recall has been designated,"14-255." These various Interlogix units are being recalled due to the failure of these various smoke alarms to alert consumers of a fire.

For product identification purposes, these units are known as ESL and Interlogix brand 400/500 series smoke detectors. The product defect associated with these smoke alarms involves the propensity for radio frequency interference, which can cause these detectors to fail catastrophically, thereby failing to alert consumers of a fire.

There are just over 141,000 of these units currently in distribution in the United States, and another, estimated 13,000 such units in Canada. This individual product recall involves 33 models of the Interlogix 400 and 500 series / ESL-branded and Interlogix smoke alarms (hard-wired) into security systems. Consumers should also be aware that Edwards and Interlogix brand smoke detectors are identical.

The two-wire or four-wire detectors come in a round shape and are white in color. These smoke detectors were used principally in schools, commercial buildings, schools, apartments and hotels, dormitories and in some homes as part of their overall fire alarm system. For additional identification purposes, these recalled smoke alarms contain corresponding date codes "13084" through "14059."

The product initials ESL, coupled with date codes and model numbers can be found printed on a label in the rear portion of the smoke alarm's cover and can be found additionally on the unit's packaging.

The 400 series units subject to product recall have the corresponding identification numbers:

  • 429AT
  • 429C
  • 429CAD
  • 429CRT
  • 429CST
  • 429CT
  • 429CTAD
  • 449AT
  • 449C
  • 449CRT
  • 449CSRH
  • 449CSRT
  • 449CST
  • 449CSTE
  • 449CT
  • 449CTE

The 500 series units subject to product recall have the corresponding identification numbers:

  • 511C
  • 518C
  • 521B
  • 521BXT
  • 521B-10PKDMP
  • 521B-10PKG
  • 521BXT-10PKG
  • 521BXT-DMP-10PKG
  • 528B
  • 528CRXT
  • 541C
  • 541C-10PKG
  • 541CXT
  • 541CXT-10PK
  • 548C

These units were provided to various alarm, security system and electrical equipment contractors and installers from the time period March 2013 to February 2014. These units varied in price points, ranging between $30 and $50. Note also that the cost of the integrated systems varies greatly. These units were manufactured in China.

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