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Famous Product Defects
Famous Product Defects

Product defects are no secret. While manufacturers try to hide them, they eventually come out into the public eye—often at the expense of innocent victims. In fact, some problems impact millions of unsuspecting individuals and it’s not until an item is recalled are the true ...

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Blog Posts in 2019

  • What Can Be Done After a Child Suffers Injuries Due to a Defective Toy?

    When a product is considered defective, it’s often because the manufacturer rushes the product to market and fails to go through proper protocols to ...

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  • How Can a Child’s Toy Be Defective?

    While you’d love to think that all items are completely safe and free from dangers—especially a child’s toy—it’s imperative to recognize the various ...

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  • Which Products are Most Commonly Defective?

    As consumers, we fully expect every item we buy to be safe when used as instructed and advertised. After all, these products made it through safety ...

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  • What are My Rights If a Defective Cochlear Implant Causes Me Harm?

    When you have to have a medical product that is supposed to help you in one way or another, it’s easy to understand that you’d expect it to be safe ...

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  • How Do Defective Products Make It to Market?

    When a new product is made and it is in the process of making it to market, there are several factors that need to be considered regarding how the ...

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  • Who Can I Sue for a Defective Cochlear Implant?

    Have you experienced a defective Cochlear implant ? Are you unsure of what comes next or what legal options you have to move forward? You’re not ...

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  • How Much Is My Defective Cochlear Implant Case Worth?

    For any victim who has suffered harm as a result of a defective Cochlear impact, the legal concerns often revolve around how much the individual may ...

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  • What are the Side Effects Associated with Cochlear Implants?

    Like many medical devices over time, there have been problems associated with Cochlear implants which are designed to be surgically implanted on the ...

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  • Checklist for Burn Injury and Fire Scene Investigations

    The product liability lawyers at SHOOP | A PROFESSIONAL LAW CORPORATION are the preeminent residential fire and burn injury law firm in California and ...

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