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What Are Some Common Types of Defective Product Cases?

Either by defective design, manufacturing defects, or by improper labeling, nearly every type of product sold today could conceivably be involved in product liability case if the manufacturers did not take care. Thankfully, the vast majority of manufacturers take their responsibility very seriously, and take the necessary steps to prevent defective products. Others do not, however, and some industries are particularly susceptible to these claims.

Children’s Toys

Walk into any toy store across the country, and the chances are good that you will find a number of recall notices behind the counter. Children are much more susceptible to choking than adults, and toxic chemicals can have more severe and life-altering effects on a developing brain. For this reason, extra care must be taken by the manufacturers to eliminate potential choking hazards, and to make sure all paint and other substances are non-toxic and not hazardous.

Vehicles & Auto Accessories

The inherent danger of an automobile makes these cases particularly complex. Although much greater care is taken when designing cars these days, a single defective part or design flaw can endanger the lives of the driver, passengers, and people around them.

Vehicle manufacturers aren’t the only ones who need to take care, however. Companies who make accessories which are critical to the safety of the car, such as wheels, tires, and brakes, can also be taken to court for dangerously designed products or defective manufacturing.

Medications & Medical Devices

Just like with the auto industry, the inherent complexity of the medical field makes these cases very challenging. In many cases, it takes years for a defective medical device or medication to cause damage. When it does, however, the damage is often catastrophic and can lead to other complications.

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