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Have you or a family member suffered catastrophic injuries? undefined

Every day we rely on products to be safe. We rely on our car to brake when it is supposed to and for our seat belts to hold and our airbags to inflate in accidents. At a construction job we expect a forklift not to drop weights on us. When we get surgery we hope implants and other medical devices are safe. When we drive our automobile or SUV we confidently expect it will not rollover at turns.

When we give a baby a toy we expect is it free of toxic paints. When these expectations fail due to defective products, catastrophic injuries may result. You are urged to contact a catastrophic injury lawyer in Los Angeles if you have suffered from a life-changing injury.

Catastrophic Injuries due to Defective Products

Serious injuries caused by defective or dangerous products are often the most frustrating because many of these injuries could easily have been avoided had manufacturers and designers simply took the time to make sure their products were safe before putting them in the marketplace.

The damages from catastrophic injuries are substantial. Where liability is established, the victim may claim for medical expenses, hospitalization costs, loss of income, lost earning capacity, rehabilitation costs, retraining expense, long term care costs, and pain and suffering. In addition, if the company's conduct in relation to the defective product is malicious, oppressive and/or fraudulent, punitive or exemplary damages may be awarded to punish and deter the company from any future unlawful conduct.

Catastrophic injuries come in many forms. They may entail severe burns and disfigurement requiring extensive surgery. They may cause the loss of function of our arms or legs or result in amputation. They may result in blindness. Injuries to the brain can mean loss of memory or ability to care for oneself or earn a living.

Injuries may be due to design defects, manufacturing defects or failures to warn. There may have been hidden defects in the products where the manufacturer has strict liability for his defective products.


Traumatic and catastrophic injuries can change a life in an instant. In fact, depending on the severity of your injury, you may be left disabled, disfigured or facing years of medical rehabilitation. In some cases, including many situations involving burn and spinal injuries, you may never actually fully recover.

At Shoop | A Professional Law Corporation, we represent clients who have suffered catastrophic injuries from defective products. When retained we interview the client to learn the circumstances of the accident and full impact it has had on his life. Where the client cannot come to the office, we come to him. We investigate the accident to isolate its cause and identify the parties legally responsible. We then vigorously claim for full damages for our clients.

Whether your injury was caused by a defective or dangerous product, a truck accident, a devastating fire or any other catastrophic event, you need an experienced law firm to handle your case and get you the justice you deserve ― you need Shoop | A Professional Law Corporation.

For your FREE initial consultation, call us today toll free at (866) 884-1717. You can also request a free attorney consultation by using our online form. While our office is in Beverly Hills, we serve injury victims throughout the nation. So even if you do not live in the Los Angeles area, we can help. Your future is too important to trust to another firm.

What are damages?

Damages are another term for compensation that can be broken up into three main categories general, special and punitive. General damages compensate for quantifiable losses such as medical expenses or missed days at work, while special damages compensate for more abstract losses such as pain and suffering and mental anguish. Punitive damages are different than special and general damages in that their main purpose is to punish the negligent party instead of compensating for a specific loss.


With more than four decades of combined legal experience, our lawyers possess the skill and knowledge you need to maximize your recovery, regardless of the injury you or your loved one may have suffered, including:

Oftentimes, clients ask us what makes an injury catastrophic? The truth is that there is no official, universally accepted definition of a catastrophic injury. However, when it comes to personal injury cases, an injury will likely be considered catastrophic if it is serious or extreme, particularly if the injury prevents the victim from being able to work to support his or her family.

While we believe our past successes speak for themselves, we encourage you to review the many multimillion-dollar recoveries we have obtained for past clients.

Contact us today to put our experience on your side!

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