Nestlé Launches Nationwide Recall of Drumstick Cones

Nestlé Drumstick ice cream cones nationwide are being recalled after a California factory received test results that a piece of equipment in one production line had traces of Listeria bacteria. The results came out of a Nestlé factory in Bakersfield, where the ice cream cones are made. According to the US Food and Drug Administration, there have been no reports of illness and none of the ice cream products have tested positively for the bacteria, only the piece of equipment.

Products listed in the voluntary recall include the Nestlé Drumstick Club 16 count Variety Pack and the 24 count Vanilla pack – both of which were made between August 31 and September 17. Nestlé’s statement regarding the recall reported that the problem was initially uncovered through the factory’s internal testing, but the products in question were accidentally shipped to stores because of a faulty receipt log of the test result. Those who may have purchased Drumsticks with a “sell by” dates between June 2 and June 19, 2017 should return it to its retailer.

In its most serious cases, Listeria bacteria can cause deadly infections in children and other individuals who are prone to having weak immune systems. Symptoms of a listeria illness can include high fever, migraine headaches, stiffness, and severe abdominal pain. Pregnant women who fall ill from Listeria are at risk of having a miscarriage or stillbirth.

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