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5 Most Dangerous Infant Products

Since a parent’s top concern is the safety of their children, no parent would purchase a product which could endanger their kid’s life. However, you may not know if a baby product is considered dangerous until the worst occurs.

The following are five of the most dangerous infant products:

  1. Baby seats – After dozens of reports of children falling out of them and suffering severe head injuries, Bumbo baby seats were recalled. The company was aware of these risks; however, additional warning stickers failed to prevent more accidents.
  2. Sippy cups – While these cups help prevent messy situations, they can be difficult to clean. For example, the Tommee Tippee Sippy Cups would trap mold in the sip valve, causing thousands of children to fall ill.
  3. Crib bumpers – The American Academy of Pediatrics has advised parents to avoid purchasing crib bumpers since they can be a suffocation risk if a baby’s face presses up against them.
  4. Jumpers – Jumpers which hang from doorways may be fun for a baby, but many pediatricians claim they are not safe. Straps or clamps can break and fall on a baby. Furthermore, a baby may jump so hard and high up that they collide their heads on the doorway frame.
  5. Car seat toys and add-on products – Little mirrors and stuffed animals you can attach to the front of a baby’s car seat can keep them occupied during a drive. But car experts claim that these attachments are not safe unless they came with the car seat originally. Car seat manufacturers do not crash-test their seats with various after-market products.

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