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What Kind of Liability Exists in Burn Injury Cases?

What Kind of Liability Exists in Burn Injury Cases?

It’s an unfortunate situation, but when someone sustains a serious burn injury, it can be a confusing time and many people don’t know what to expect. They are focused on their own health and well-being, and the idea of taking legal action isn’t something that comes up immediately.

However, there are a number of situations in which burn injuries are a direct cause of someone else’s negligent and reckless actions. Knowing what situations may cause burn injuries can help those harmed understand liability in the matter.

Different Situations and Responsible Parties

When it comes to liability, it typically relies on the situation in which the burn occurred. This can narrow down if negligence was involved and who may be held financially accountable for the damages sustained.

  • Workplace accidents: Some burns may occur as a result of workplace accidents involving chemicals, flammable items, or high-temperature equipment. In these situations, it may be a coworker who is negligent or even a manufacturer of machinery who fails to provide safety barriers.
  • Hot liquids from restaurants: Restaurants are expected to ensure that the foods and drinks they prepare are at an adequate temperature, but if these items are too hot, they can cause significant burns if spilled. This could make the restaurant or other establishment liable.
  • Faulty wiring: In some situations, burn injuries can be caused by problems with faulty wiring. This can result in electrical burns if someone is exposed to the wires and contact is made. Typically, faulty wiring is the fault of an electrician or the party who helped wire the home or business in the first place.
  • Christmas trees: With the holidays here, it’s important to recognize the potential dangers posed by lights on Christmas trees. Make sure that your wiring is completely safe and that the tree doesn’t try out. This can increase the potential for a serious fire. If it is faulty wiring that causes the fire, the company that manufactured the lights may be liable.

For anyone who has sustained a serious injury, recognizing who may be responsible is important. This gives you the opportunity to pursue legal action with confidence knowing you’re seeking justice and compensation from someone who was reckless in their actions to keep you safe.

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