Are Some Occupations at More Risk of Burn Injuries?

Are Some Occupations at More Risk of Burn Injuries?

It’s hard to think that there are situations when an individual can sustain a serious injury at work. However, when there is negligence and a lack of safety protocols involved in the workplace, this is something that can happen.

Unfortunately, some companies may not put the safety of their employees first and some occupations may be considered more at risk to suffer a burn injury. Here are some of the occupations that may be at risk of burn injuries.

Construction Workers

Construction workers are often required to work with large, heavy machinery and tools in order to complete their jobs. These are not always the safest workplaces and there is a potential for machines to heat up to a significant temperature and without safety protocols, individuals may sustain serious burns.

Food Prep Workers and Cooks

When someone is cooking with high heat, there’s plenty of potential for the individual to sustain a serious burn injury. Ovens, flames, hot pans and utensils, and more all pose a threat to workers nearby. It is important to ensure there are ways for these workers are safe.

Fire Fighters

This goes without saying, but fire fighters are always at significant risk of sustaining a burn injury simply because of the nature of the job. They’re exposed to dangerous conditions and situations where there is a high rate of fire and extreme heat. Any negligence in the matter or lack of safety can cause serious harm.

Other occupations that may be at risk include those in the janitorial industry, electricians, healthcare workers, and mechanics. Typically, these burns are severe enough to cause the injured party to miss time from work as well as undergo treatment for their damages.

At Shoop APLC, we recognize that some of these occupations deal with significant heat sources. However, there should still be proper safety protocols in place to keep employees safe regardless of the environment.

When safety is not prioritized and individuals are injured as a result of negligence, legal action may be available. Our Los Angeles catastrophic burn injury attorneys are here to help you every step of the way and protect your rights and best interests.

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