Can Heating Pads Be Harmful?

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How Long Should You Lay Down on a Heating Pad?

Consumers may be unaware of how long they should use a heating pad for because of a lack of user instruction. In addition, heating pads’ automatic shut-off times vary (for example, it could be 20 minutes, 30 minutes, or two hours). While health professionals have no specific rules governing how long you should lay down on or use a heating pad, many tend to recommend using one for about 15 to 30 minutes; on a low setting, it may be fine to go longer.

When Can a Heating Pad Burn Occur?

In the same vein, some manufacturers advertise and market their heating pads by stating that the higher the temperature, the greater the relief. However, studies have shown that severe burns can occur at skin temperatures of 47 degrees centigrade (116.6 degrees Fahrenheit) without a person experiencing discomfort as the burn occurs. This is vital information as certain heating pads can reach temperatures of 150 to 160 degrees Fahrenheit, yet packaging instructions often fail to warn consumers of this danger and the potential for burns. Please note: heating pad burns can also occur through clothing.

A manufacturer may warn a consumer to check the skin underneath the heating pad while in use, but these warnings may not instruct consumers as to what to look for during these checks, including changes to the skin, and when to stop using the pad. This poses a significant risk to consumers, as these pads can cause first-, second-, and third-degree burns to the skin that may result in infection, discoloration, scarring, significant pain and discomfort, or the need for skin grafting.

Did You Receive a Burn from a Defective Heating Pad? We’re Here to Help.

We understand how devastating an heating pad burns can be, particularly burns that could have been avoided with proper user instructions and a timely automatic shut-off device. If you or someone you love has been injured due to a heating pad, our Los Angeles product liability attorneys are here to help. There are several parties that may be held liable in this situation, including the manufacturer, distributor, and/or retailer. We will pursue your case with your best interest at heart while you focus on recovering from your injuries.

The heating pad injury lawyers at Shoop | A Professional Law Corporation continue to investigate and take on additional matters involving heating pads. These products are made and distributed by a variety of businesses, including Sunbeam Products, Mighty Bliss, Homech, Pure Enrichment, Geniani, Bedsure, Vipex, and iTeknic. While they have many uses, such as to keep people warm and alleviate aches and pains, consumers may suffer second- and third-degree burns due to the lack of a timely automatic shut-off device and/or from inadequate user instructions and warnings.

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