The Importance of Automatic Shut-Off and Safety Switches

a red shut-off switch

An automatic shut-off switch can be a life-saver on an industrial worksite. It is essential these shut-off switches work properly when activated. A faulty shut-off switch can cause an industrial worker to suffer a catastrophic, or even fatal, injury.

Below, we discuss the consequences of a faulty shut-off switch and who may be held liable for this malfunction.

How Automatic Shut-Off Switches Can Save Lives

An industrial worksite is home to dozens of hazards, including heavy machinery with many moving parts. In fact, two of the “fatal four” construction site hazards involve “caught in/between” and “struck-by” injuries. Heavy machinery plays a major role in these two types of incidents.

So, if a worker falls into or gets caught near a piece of heavy machinery, it’s vital that other workers on the job site have ready access to a switch to turn off the machine. Further, it’s particularly beneficial when modern machines are able to detect when a worker’s hand or another body part may be in a danger zone and be able to shut itself off automatically.

Sadly, this doesn’t always happen. Sometimes, shut-off switches are difficult to access or, when pressed, do not work. Accidents caused by faulty shut-off switches may involve:

  • Negligence, either by the job site’s manager, the owner and/or the switch’s manufacturer
  • Design flaws in the switch
  • Poor maintenance of the switch

Injured by a Faulty Shut-Off Switch? We’re Here to Help

We understand how devastating an industrial accident can be, particularly one that could have been avoided had everything on the job site been functioning properly. If you or someone you love has been injured due to a faulty shut-off switch, our Los Angeles product liability attorneys are here to help.

There are several parties that may be held liable in this situation, including the switch’s manufacturer, distributor, and/or your employer. You can rest assured knowing that we will pursue your case in regard to your best interests while you focus on recovering from your injuries.

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