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5 Industrial Accidents Caused by Defective Equipment

Working an industrial job presents countless dangers to workers every day. In any job involving heavy machinery, accidents as a result of defective equipment are bound to happen from time to time.

5 Industrial Accidents Related to Defective Equipment

Heavy machinery relies on several moving parts, and all of those parts need to be in good working condition, and maintained regularly, in order to work properly without causing any accidents.

But what happens when a piece of heavy machinery malfunctions?

Below, we discuss five industrial accidents that often result from defective equipment:

Severe wounds as a result of a failure to provide guards on saws

There are several guards on saws that must be in place to protect workers from cutting themselves. If the guards that should be on the saws are not provided, the equipment is considered defective.

Falls as a result of ladders that collapse

If a ladder is inadequately constructed, it can lead to falls. Falls can cause a number of injuries and should be avoided at all times.

Severe injuries can result from a crane that drops a load

If a wire rope or another key component of a crane fails because of a manufacturer defect, it can cause the crane to drop the load and harm to anyone in its path.

A number of injuries can come about from a defective forklift

Forklifts are serious machines that can cause significant damage if they malfunction. They are made up of many moving parts, and each one needs to be in proper working order so that workers remain safe.

Losing fingers, a hand, or an arm due to a faulty punch press

Punch presses have the potential to cause significant harm to workers if they are defective. Workers have been known to lose body parts due to faulty punch press machines.

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