Cal-OSHA Workplace Requirements

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California employers have a duty to protect their employees. They do this by following the requirements and standards of the California Occupational Safety & Health Administration (Cal-OSHA). To help workers better understand workplace safety, we’ve put together this list of Cal-OSHA workplace requirements.


Cal-OSHA states that employers must “provide their employees with work and workplaces that are safe and healthful.” This means that the employer must adhere to the Cal-OSHA regulations relevant to their workplace.

Every workplace is unique and presents different workplace hazards. Workers and employers working with hazardous material and specialized equipment should read up on Cal-OSHA regulations relevant to their workplace.


Proper training is a fundamental part of workplace safety. Cal-OSHA requires that employers train every worker about the specific hazards of their workplace and provide safety equipment when necessary.

Training doesn’t end after a single meeting; it’s an ongoing process that must be reinforced in every part of the workplace. For that reason, Cal-OSHA requires that employers post warning signs and symbols around hazardous materials. Additionally, every California workplace must have a “Safety and Health Protection on the Job” poster from Cal-OSHA in both English and Spanish.


California employers have ongoing duty file reports. This means proactively identifying and fixing potential hazards. State authorities may visit the workplace at regular intervals to ensure that there are no glaring hazards and that the workplace is adhering to Cal-OSHA regulations. Failure to meet code could mean steep fines for the business or even jail time for the employer.

The law also requires that employers report any serious injuries or workplace fatalities to the nearest Cal-OSHA office immediately after calling 911. This phone call launches an investigation into the accident meant to determine the cause of the injury and how it can be prevented in the future.

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