a woman using a heating pad

5 Risks Associated with Heating Pads

Heating pads have a variety of helpful uses. They can relieve aches and pains and provide warmth during cold nights. However, like any product, a heating pad has inherent risks—either due to manufacturing defects or incorrect use.

Five specific risks associated with electric heating pads include:

  1. The heating pad does not have an automatic shut-off, which results in burns to the user if they fall asleep.
  2. The user has diabetes or another condition that decreases the user’s sensitivity to heat, which may make them unaware of heat damage happening to the skin.
  3. The user sits or lays on the heating pad, which results in damage to the heating pad and unexpected heat exposure.
  4. The user handles the heating pad without its protective cover.
  5. The user keeps the heating pad on their skin for longer than 20 minutes.

Burns Caused By Electric Heating Pads

It’s important to keep in mind that heating pads emit heat, which makes them inherently dangerous when manufactured or used incorrectly. In fact, a heating pad can get as hot as 180 degrees fahrenheit and cause third-degree burns that require skin grafting.

Although some burn injuries can be caused by user error, others may be caused by an inherent flaw in the heating pad’s design, manufacture, or marketing.

Contact a Heating Pad Injury Attorney

If you or someone you love has been harmed by a defective heating pad, our Los Angeles product liability attorneys can help you recover the compensation you deserve. Severe burn injuries can be difficult to move past. With proper care and medical treatment, however, you may be able to return to the life you knew.

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