Healing and Rehabilitation Following a Burn Injury


Following a devasting event involving a burn injury, healing and rehabilitation from the injury can involve many steps and will depend upon the type of burn sustained (first, second or third degree). It is crucial to visit a health care professional immediately to ensure that your condition does not worsen.

Potential Causes of Burns

A burn can result from a natural fire, chemical explosion, gas leak, commercial or residential fire or defective product. Injuries from faulty products may be caused by shoddy electrical wiring or defective kitchen and household devices, such as space heaters, heating pads, pressure cookers, ovens, stoves, washing machines and dryers, as well as from children’s toys, beauty products, candles, flammable clothing and automobiles. It is important to secure any product or device that has caused an injury, including a burn, to prevent further harm.

Healing and Rehabilitation Options

As for the rehabilitation process for more serious burns, such as second- or third-degree burns, the process may last a few months or years and involve various actions to address a burn victim’s emotional and physical needs, heal wounds and improve the quality of life for a person who has suffered a burn.

Therefore, treatment and rehabilitation involves different stages, which may include hospitalization, surgery, skin grafts, plastic surgery, treatment at a burn center, medications, fluids to prevent dehydration, outpatient care, wound dressings that can cause great pain, resting with proper positioning, some movement to avoid the development of stiffness, physical therapy to maintain flexibility in the joints and improve strength, as well as the application of ointments to assist in healing. Some of the objectives in treating burns are to address the pain, avoid infection, extract any dead tissue, minimize scarring and improve mobility.

Therapy after a burn may also assist in resuming some daily activities. The emotional toll that results from a burn can include feelings of fear, anger and hopelessness, which may be alleviated through therapy and counseling.

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