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Los Angeles Business Litigation Attorney

Legal business problems have become more complex as international trade and internet business transactions continue to expand. With this increase in a variety of businesses, disputes have also increased. In today's world, it is important to have a knowledgeable business litigation attorney advising you on the important legal matters that are likely to affect almost any business owner at some point.

As a professional and skilled firm familiar with complex litigation, we focus on business torts and how to best represent our clients in protecting their interests. Shoop | A Professional Law Corporation has a successful record in both state and federal courts when pursuing the legal concerns of their clients.

We provide ongoing personal business services to our clients who need help in resolving a business legal situation. Contact us today to get started!

Dedicated, Focused Services

Most business owners are focused on running their business and ensuring it is expanding and profitable. There may have been little concentration on legal matters until a problem arises. A disagreement between partners, collections, complex transactions or other matters require a legal team that is very familiar with all aspects of business law. When a business partnership is in trouble, sorting out how to resolve the situation is critical.

Real estate transactions are frequently very complex, especially when involving commercial property. When there are disputes regarding contracts, trade secrets, or other business matters, it is necessary to seek skilled legal representation in order to sort out the legal situation. Resolving the matter quickly can often make the difference between your business continuing successfully or suffering terrible financial losses.

By choosing our firm, you can count on our expertise in business litigation to help you when facing any type of legal attack, or when you need to file a lawsuit against another company or individual. We can help you resolve the legal problem so that you can focus on your business expansion. If we can negotiate a resolution on your behalf and help you to avoid costly litigation, we will. Our goal is to provide you with high-quality legal counsel in your business matter and to seek solutions that are cost-effective and in your best interests and to help you fight to avoid serious financial losses.

Helping Los Angeles Businesses with Legal Issues

Going up against high-powered law firms and big companies can be a daunting prospect, but with the aggressive work of a business litigation lawyer, you can pursue or defend against all manner of disputes or important matters that may arise.

Breach of Contract: If you have put your faith into a partner or other business entity only to be faced with a breach of contact you should take action. Breach of contract usually happens when one person or entity fails to provide products or services as agreed upon in a signed document. If the party who broke the contract does not have a legitimate legal excuse, you may be able to pursue them for compensation.

Broker Misconduct: Brokers are held to high standards and often have the trust of companies and individuals. Unfortunately, there are numerous ways a broker can violate legal parameters, and the rules of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934.

Stockbroker misconduct can involve either intentional or unintentional activities. Some of these activities include negligence, churning, misrepresentation, over-concentration, unauthorized trading, and unsuitability. There are ways to recover if your company’s losses are unusually high.

Business Collections: When a debt has reached the stage of collections, it often seems that there is no way to recover it. In addition, significant debts sometimes can mean the future of company. You do not have to let the unpaid debts of others control your business. A lawyer at the firm can offer diligent work and protect your interests.

Business Dissolutions: If you are seeking the legal assistance of an attorney during your business dissolution proceedings do not hesitate to contact our firm. We handle dissolutions related to corporations, and partnerships.

While sometimes dissolutions are voluntary, other cases involve outside issues that are beyond your control. Because there are state and federal regulations surrounding dissolutions, having a lawyer on your team during the process would be a valuable asset.

Commercial Transactions: Whether you are seeking to establish a business or expand an already existing one, an attorney can help you with the legal procedures. Some types of assistance the firm provides is related to loan and equity financing, counsel during mergers and acquisitions, licensing, tax planning and business collections.

Business Disputes

Shoop | A Professional Law Corporation can provide legal guidance, counsel, and litigation for all kinds of business disputes.

  • Contract Disputes: Unfortunately, it is not always the case that both parties in a binding agreement will uphold their side of the bargain. When this happens, a lawyer can provide negotiation, mediation, and/or arbitration.
  • Insurance Disputes: Commercial insurance is complicated, and oftentimes, your insurer does not want to compensate you. Only through legal action may you be able to resolve the situation.
  • Licensing Disputes: Protect your hard work through the assistance of an attorney with applying for a copyright or patent or start the litigation process if someone has infringed on your already licensed work.
  • Loan Modification/Foreclosure Disputes: If your business is not generating enough income to pay the mortgage or operating expenses, your lender can grant you a modification. Our firm can help resolve disputes that may arise.
  • Partnership Disputes: Partner disputes are one of the most negative experiences a business can go through. An attorney can help you resolve your dispute through negotiation or litigation if necessary.
  • Royalty Disputes: When your business holds the rights to loyalties of either real or intellectual property it has the right to receive payment from others who profit from using that material. If others fail to pay these royalties, it can place a huge financial burden on your company.
  • Trademark Disputes: If another party violates your trademark rights, you could suffer a loss in reputation and revenues. Protect your business through filing for a registered trademark or prosecuting those who have violated your mark.

Employment Law: According to the State of California Labor and Workforce Developmental Agency there are 477 selected key laws that directly affect labor and employment for both public and private sector workers.

These laws outline the requirements for wages, hours, working conditions, benefits, and special labor relations. These 477 laws do not include federal regulations. It can be easy for a business owner to become overwhelmed by regulations when they are concentrating on the prosperity of their business.

Investor and Shareholder Issues: When working to aid the growth of a business, you may take on the assistance of investors or shareholders. These individuals contribute finances or services to your business. Sometimes issues can arise, such as investors never providing you with the promised money or action.

You are entitled to receiving the promised funding from an investor as long as no legitimate legal reason prohibits. When an investor fails to adhere to the contractual procedures it can greatly set your business behind. The firm can assist you with all investor disputes or issues either through negotiation or litigation.

Real Estate Litigation: If you need legal assistance with issues such as a lien, title defect, loan modification, or foreclosure defense we can help you. Let us handle your real estate litigation case, while you focus on the growth and prosperity of your business. There are many state and federal regulations related to commercial real estate, an attorney at the firm can guide you through the complicated process.

Unfair Business Practices: Our firm can help you prosecute a competitor for using unfair business practices such as illegal and fraudulent behavior. The legal team has extensive knowledge of the Unfair Competition Act, and can help you level the playing field.

Or, if you are facing an unfair practice lawsuit we can aggressively defend your business and reputation. We understand the importance of providing strong offense measures against unfair practices as well as defending against unmerited claims.

Our Commitment To You

Attorney David Shoop is committed to protecting your best interests, whether through skillful negotiation or tenacious litigation. He can put his experience and knowledge to work on your behalf so that you can focus on keeping your business a thriving and successful endeavor.

Get in touch with our Los Angeles business litigation attorneys for a free consultation today and receive the representation you need for your business!

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