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Business Disputes

Business Litigation Attorney in Los Angeles

Business disputes can cause serious problems, no matter what they involve. It is important that if you are involved in any type of dispute that you speak immediately with an experienced and aggressive business lawyer. Disputes can be unavoidable and may result from an external influence, but that does not mean you should go without legal protection, negotiation, or litigation.

We can help with a wide range of business-related disputes, including insurance disputes, partnership disputes, licensing disputes, contract disputes, trademark disputes and loan modification or foreclosure disputes.

Our firm is here for you, at Shoop | A Professional Law Corporation we are dedicated to providing clients with quality legal services and knowledgeable counsel. Please take the time to review information about a dispute you may be undergoing.

Helping Businesses Work through Contract Disputes

The legally binding contract is a vital aspect of doing business in our economy. When such an agreement is forged, you naturally expect that the other party or parties involved will live up to their end of the bargain. A breach of contract can be extremely perilous when it involves two individuals, but when a business' best interest is involved, matters can quickly become even more complex.

As is the case with many business-related disputes, the best course of action in your situation may be to seek skillful negotiation, mediation, or arbitration. Having excellent legal counsel on your side for these proceedings is important. In other cases, aggressive litigation and the extensive preparation that comes with it might be necessary.

Your company needs the assistance of a Los Angeles business litigation attorney who has a full understanding and experience within the field of contract law. Call (866) 884-1717 to get the legal help you need.

Regardless of the course of action that proves most appropriate, our attorneys can assist you with matters of:

Is your business engaged in a dispute with an insurer?

Most people understand the frustrations that can come with being involved in an insurance dispute. Our lives are filled with insurance matters, from health to property and beyond. What happens when these disputes arise at the corporate level? Much more complex and complicated than personal policies, business insurance problems can leave a company in a very untenable position and require immediate attention from a business litigation lawyer who is experienced with resolving such issues.

Just as a person expects their policy to be honored when an insurance claim is filed, so does a business—but the stakes can be even higher. One of the major issues surrounding such a claim is the complexity of a commercial insurance policy. This level of intricacy can leave many "gray areas" open for interpretation.

Since insurers are ultimately interested in making profit, they must sometimes be compelled through legal actions to honor claims when they intersect with areas of a policy that stand open to debate. When, for instance, an errors and omissions claim is filed, if an insurance company balks at paying out, it can leave a business of any size in serious financial peril.

Help With Insurance Disputes

Negotiations or mediation may be an option to come to terms with a stubborn insurer, but in some cases, aggressive business litigation may be required. It is critical to have a dedicated and experienced team on your side if your business needs to take an insurer to court.

Shoop | A Professional Law Corporation can offer skilled counsel to business clients and has the know-how and legal prowess necessary to bring swift pressure upon uncooperative insurance companies when you are depending on a fair settlement to be paid out. Contact the firm today!

Helping Companies Protect Intellectual Property

In the modern age of business, protecting the intellectual property of your company is more important than ever. It does not matter what your area of business may be, when trade secrets and proprietary information are misused or stolen by a competitor or another company, you stand at risk for grievous financial loss.

When a dispute arises over such intellectual property and the licensing involved therein, a lawyer stands well-prepared to represent your interests. You and your company should not tolerate working to develop the business, only to have another company lay an unfair claim upon your proprietary or trademarked data.

Covered under the California Business and Professions Code, Section 17200, licensing disputes and infringement issues are classified as unfair business practices and are violations of the law. This may involve disputes over trademarks, designs, names, or other intellectual property.

Quality Legal Counsel

Immediate and strong legal action is necessary to put an end to unethical and illegal licensing infringement by another company, and where there is a matter of dispute over rightful ownership or usage rights, your attorney can pursue expedient resolution through avenues of mediation or litigation. Resolving license disputes is critical to your business' bottom line and continued success.

With experienced and knowledgeable preparation and execution of a claim, you will have a stalwart protector of your rights in the person of a lawyer from our firm.

Assisting Companies with Mortgage and Property Issues

Financial woes and economic problems are an unfortunate sign of the times. We see their results in our neighborhoods and hear about troubles in the news. Also deeply affected by the recent economic downturn are businesses and corporations. Just as a homeowner may be struggling to make ends meet or to meet monthly mortgage payments, so is many a business owner.

Property values, both residential and commercial, have plummeted and consumer, distributor, manufacturer and retailer alike are all suffering. If you are a business owner who is seeking a loan modification or disputing a foreclosure effort by your bank, a business litigation lawyer can assist you with these complicated efforts.

When you attempt to work directly with a lender, even with the weight of a well-established company behind you, it can still be frustrating and difficult to work out a loan modification. You may seek a reduction of principal, fixing of a mortgage interest rate or forgiveness of fees in an effort to reduce debt and regain financially footing.

We Are Dedicated to You.

Perhaps difficulties have progressed even further and your business is facing a commercial property foreclosure. Regardless of the specifics of your company's situation, having the guidance of a skilled lawyer can be tremendously beneficial. Our firm can seek favorable resolutions and advise you of potential options.

Shoop | A Professional Law Corporation is dedicated to the success and interests of corporate clients from small to large. We know that commerce is important to our country as a whole, and we are committed to providing caring and knowledgeable representation to business owners.

From intense negotiation to aggressive real estate litigation, our firm can be trusted for its exemplary level of client care and service.

Overcoming Disputes with a Business Partner

Partnerships are important to the health and success of a company, and when an issue leads to a dispute, it can have a negative effect on matters of trust, money and control. All partners involved in such a dispute recognize the crucial nature of resolving problems in an expedient manner for the sake of the business.

Our country's economy is comprised of businesses of all shapes and sizes. Regardless of the nature of your business, there are many options that an attorney can pursue for resolving a partnership dispute. Almost always preferable to business litigation, the options of negotiation and mediation can be powerful avenues towards bringing a dangerous disagreement to an end.

Your legal team can also fight diligently in the courtroom should such proceedings be necessary. We understand that a business cannot operate to its fullest ability when a partnership dispute exists, and that underlying issues of trust and control must be worked out before a company can return to "business as usual."

Failing to receive royalties owed to you?

There are many lines of business that must navigate royalty issues on a daily basis. When your business holds license over property—either real or intellectual—it has the right to receive a royalty payment when others profit from the use of that material. Unfortunately, these matters can become quite complex and convoluted, and when your business does not receive the payments it deserves, it can create immense financial burden upon your company.

If your business is not receiving proper royalty payments, you should be in immediate contact with a Los Angeles business litigation attorney for aggressive legal action. You do not have to let a licensing dispute or shoddy accounting on the part of a licensee put you in a tenuous position.

Your company has the right to collect a continuing stream of income through a royalty interest, as it is your property that is being used by another for profit. These payments are generally based upon a percentage of revenues or a fixed price per unit. This means that the company who should be paying royalties must keep impeccable accounting records or else you could be cut out of financial gain that you deserve.

Our business litigation lawyers can seek not only the royalty payments your business is owed, but also any financial damages that have arisen because of failure to pay royalties to you. Legal agreements and fair accounting practices must be enforced, or else our entire economic system loses out in the end.

Has your company had a trademark infringed upon?

Trademarks are an important part of the way we do business. Through the employment of these distinctive signs and indicators, businesses can identify and distinguish their products and services as different from others.

Your company may use trademarks to make sure that customers know that a product originated from your business, and when other entities violate your trademark rights, it can do you a great deal of harm—both in the form of reputation damage and financial loss. Equally tumultuous would be a situation where another company suddenly laid legal claim to a trademark you had been doing business under.

Due to their importance, trademark protection can be a critical thing for any business. It does not matter if a product or service is unregistered (TM or SM) or registered (®), it is protected under law from infringement by another business. Though registered trademarks enjoy a wider range of protections, including nation-wide enforcement, an unregistered mark can still carry with it legal protection in geographical regions where it is recognizable and established.

Protect Your Hard Work

In the end, trademark disputes enter a very complicated area of law and you will need an attorney by your side who fully understands its intricacies. An alleged violator will likely claim that your trademark has not been adequately publicized or is not recognized to a high enough degree to merit your infringement suit.

The team at Shoop | A Professional Law Corporation will evaluate your dispute and give it the full legal attention that it deserves. Establishing a solid strategy for protecting your investments and best interests, we will work tenaciously towards these efforts. Contact the firm today for help with your business dispute!

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