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What Are the Symptoms of a Hip Replacement Complication?

Hip replacement procedures are common and help many patients regain their mobility and increase their quality of life.

Like any medical procedure, however, there is a risk of complication.

Below, our Los Angeles product liability attorneys discuss the symptoms of a hip replacement complication.

Symptoms of a Defective Hip Replacement

There have been several instances of hip replacements needing to be recalled. The DePuy ASR hip replacements, for example, have been used in patients in the United States since 2005, yet recently had to be pulled from the market for their association with the following symptoms:

  • Fractures

  • Infections

  • Noises coming from the implant including popping and crunching

  • The sensation that the hip is not in place

  • The inability to perform physical activity

  • Dislocation or popping free from the hip joint

  • Pain and swelling in the hip, groin, leg, or lower back

  • An increased build-up of metallic debris in soft tissue

  • Heightened levels of metal in the bloodstream

  • Bone erosion due to an excess of osteoclasts

The difficult thing about medical device recalls is that most of the recalled devices have already been implanted into patients. Therefore, the patient often has to undergo an unexpected revision surgery to replace the defective device.

In the case of the DePuy ASR hip replacements, the manufacturer estimates that nearly 10,000 patients will require a painful revision surgery. This potentially risky surgery removes and replaces the defective hip implant with a properly functioning device.

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