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Cochlear Implant Recall

The product liability lawyers at Shoop | A Professional Law Corporation continue to investigate and take on new claims and cases involving defective cochlear implants. No other law firm in the nation handles more defective cochlear implant claims than we do. If you or a family member experienced a failure or interruption in function of a cochlear implant, call our experienced team of lawyers for a FREE of cost, initial consultation to discuss the circumstances of the device failure and also to discuss your legal rights regarding compensation


Many implant recipients that we have represented tell us about their experiences just prior to device failure. They complain of periods of intermittent functionality and discomfort. Other clients tell us about other, more disturbing symptoms such as incredibly loud noises in their ear or shocking sensations from the implant.

If your device is causing these problems, you should schedule an appointment with an audiologist as soon as possible to troubleshoot the device and also have integrity testing performed. We have found that many cochlear implants fail because they fail to achieve a hermetic seal due to problems in the manufacturing process. The best way to confirm conclusively that the device is failing is by having this diagnostic testing performed at an audiology clinic.

Be sure to ask your audiologist for a copy of the integrity test report and any medical records generated at the time of your visit to the clinic. We will want to carefully review those records and test reports as we investigate your claim. It is important to involve us as soon as you suspect your cochlear implant may be failing.


If your defective cochlear implant has already been removed, the manufacturer will likely have performed a series of tests on the explanted device to determine the reason it failed. If you or a family member have had a cochlear implant surgically removed, it is important to contact us as soon as possible so that we may evaluate the claim and preserve your legal rights as you have a limited time to file after the device is removed due to applicable statutes of limitation. Again, we provide a free of charge, initial consultation to discuss your potential claim, so there is no downside to contacting us.

An important note to make during this post-explant time period; the manufacturer may attempt to have you sign a release or a waiver of your right to pursue a claim for product defect. They may promise to reimburse you for travel or related expenses during this time in exchange for a waiver. It is very important not to sign anything unless reviewed by an experienced product liability lawyer who can adequately advise you of the potential limitations of your ability to pursue a claim if you sign such a waiver or release.

Lastly, it is also important to save any and all medical records, audiology notes, mapping records and other correspondence you receive from the manufacturer or the audiology clinic so that we may review these materials as well.

In sum, if you or a loved one experienced a failure of any cochlear implant - it is very important to contact our legal team immediately so that we may provide a free of cost evaluation and initial discussion of your potential claim.

The product liability lawyers at SHOOP | A PROFESSIONAL LAW CORPORATION represent clients nationally and internationally with regard to failed and defective medical devices.

We have resolved all manner of cochlear implant claims, and we understand all too well the struggles our clients have endured to get their lives back on track after suffering a failure of their implant. No other law firm has the breadth of experience that we do regarding defective cochlear implants and we will fight to ensure you receive maximum compensation for your injuries.


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