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Can You Get Injured from a Defective Cochlear Implant?

Cochlear implants have helped many individuals who are deaf and hard of hearing regain some sense of sound. While most of the time, these devices are implanted without incident, there have been several cases of defective cochlear implants that have harmed patients.

Below, our Los Angeles product liability attorneys discuss the potential injuries that may result from a defective cochlear implant.

The Benefits and Risks of Cochlear Implants

Like any medical device, a cochlear implant has pros and cons. The main benefit of this device—regaining the sense of sound—can be invaluable to some.

With any good thing, however, comes drawbacks.

According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the potential risks of a cochlear implant include the following:

  • Injury to facial nerves. The nerve that goes through the middle ear to give movement to the muscles of the face may be injured during the surgical procedure to implant the cochlear device. This may result in temporary or permanent paralysis on the same side of the face as the implant.
  • Meningitis. This serious infection affects the lining of the surface of the brain. Those with abnormally formed inner ears are at a greater risk of meningitis—a risk that may be exacerbated by the surgical implantation of a cochlear device.
  • Reparative granuloma. This involves localized inflammation that may happen if the body rejects the cochlear implant.

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There have been multiple cochlear implant recalls over the years by the FDA. Both Advanced Bionics and Cochlear Americas have had one of their cochlear implants recalled. If you believe you have received a defective cochlear implant, our team is here to help.

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We have resolved all manner of cochlear implant claims, and we understand all too well the struggles our clients have endured to get their lives back on track after suffering a failure of their implant. No other law firm has the breadth of experience that we do regarding defective cochlear implants and we will fight to ensure you receive maximum compensation for your injuries.


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