Who’s Liable for an Oven Fire?

the interior of an oven

Oven fires can turn a calm kitchen environment into a dangerous inferno in a matter of moments. One major reason that oven fires occur is due to an error during the design, manufacture, or installation process. Learn who may be held liable in this situation.

Determining Liability for a Product Defect

Manufacturers must design, manufacture, and market products safely. The failure to do so may make them liable for any consumers’ injuries that result from this negligence.

It’s particularly important that manufacturers create heat-producing products, such as ovens, safely due to the potential for fires and explosions. Sadly, however, this doesn’t always happen.

One small error during an oven’s design or manufacture can cause devastating accidents down the line, once the oven is in a consumer’s home. Additionally, it’s also vital that an oven be installed properly to prevent fires and explosions.

For example, an oven could have been designed and manufactured properly, but installed improperly. The botched installation process alone could make the oven a major risk for a family in their home.

In this case, the company that installed the oven (rather than the oven’s manufacturer) may be held liable for any oven fires or explosions that result from their failure to complete the proper installation.

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